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Tourism & Regional Development


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There are many factors which are responsible for the promotion of tourism. Some regions are attractions for tourists due to their specialities, like adventure fun and even prostitution. Most of the American and European tourists visit Hong Kong, Bangkok and Manila for prostitution. Thailand is a Buddhist Country but it is famous for prostitution and prostitution curiosly enough has earned billions of dollars for Thai economy in the post world war II period. There are some archeaological attractions like Khajuraho and Ajanta Allora caves, which attract tourists world wide. The editor expresses his deep sense of gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism Govt. of India for Providing very relevant material for preparing this book. It is hoped the book will be found useful and interesting. About Author : Dr. K.K.Sharma has been teaching in London for long. He has had associations with NCERT and Delhi Government as an officer. Dr. Sharma holds. M.A. and M.Ed. degree in education and is at present based in Fortworth, U.S.A. He has several other books on this subject to his credit. Contents : Urban Tourism Rural Tourism Urban Recreation and Tourism Rural Recreation and Tourism The Demand for Recreation and Tourism The Supply of Recreation and Tourism The Impacts of Toourism and Recreation Index