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ServSafe CourseBook with Online Exam Voucher, 5/E

NRA National Restaurant Association
Delivering comprehensive training of key food safety concepts, this book is the ideal solution for the academic setting, multiple-day training or individuals in need of more extensive food safety training. The content in ServSafe Coursebook, 5th edition goes beyond the principles found in ServSafe Essentials,...

Restaurant Management: Customers, Operations, and Employees, 3/E

For courses in Introduction to Food and Beverage Operations, Culinary Management, and Food and Beverage Management
Robert Christie Mill, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver
Restaurant Management: Customers, Operations, and Employees, Third Edition, identifies the crucial elements involved in the operation of a restaurant, and their interrelationships that are necessary to achieve success. Structured around the three parts of the meal experience–the customers, the operation...

Restaurant Food Service Equipment

A supplement for courses in Introduction to Foods, Food Sanitation, Facilities Management, and Kitchen Layout and Design
John A. Drysdale, Johnson County Community College
A one-of-a-kind, this resource explains how to operate, clean, sanitize, and maintain a full range of kitchen equipment–from mixers and slicers to ovens and refrigerators. Offering a step-by-step approach, it explains the mechanics of each type of equipment and how the equipment is actually used in cooking....

Profitable Menu Planning, 4/E

For sophomore/senior-level courses in Menu Planning, Food Production, Food Management
John A. Drysdale, Johnson County Community College Jennifer A. Galipeau, Johnson and Wales University
Exceptionally thorough, this text offers single-volume coverage of all aspects of menu planning—from customer demographics to kitchen capabilities, to cost cards and menu analysis. Early chapters are devoted to a variety of broad topics (costs, pricing, nutrition, etc.), while later chapters focus on...

Fundamental Principles of Restaurant Cost Control with CD

Appropriate for Culinary Arts Associate of Science programs and undergraduate courses in Restaurant Cost Controls offered by Community Colleges and four-year colleges.
David V. Pavesic, Ph.D., FMP., CHE., Georgia State University
Written by two former restaurateurs, one of them, a certified chef, in an applied format, this book presents the principles of restaurant cost controls that complements the management process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The books abundance of support materials makes it user-friendly...

Service at Its Best: Waiter-Waitress Training

For undergraduate Hospitality/Travel/Tourism courses that focus on waiter/waitress training and service of food.
Ed E. Sanders, Hospitality News Group Paul C. Paz Ron Wilkinson
Ideal as a competency-based training guide or simply as a reference manual for specific service questions, this all-inclusive book explains the key aspects and responsibilities of today's food servers. It contains broad and in-depth coverage on everything a good waiter or waitress will need to know to...

Hospitality Manager's Guide to Wines, Beers, and Spirits, 2/E

For courses in Wines, Beers and Spirits, Dining Room Services and Beverage Cost Control.
This introduction to the history, science and varieties of alcoholic beverages is essential for today’s hospitality manager. Written as a practical guide, this book helps managers understand wines, beers and spirits—from the history of alcohol to the marketing and selling of it. The user-friendly approach...


Learn all about your favourite beer with expert advice and information from a team of specialists, introduced by the world’s best-selling beer writer Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - Author Tim Hampson - Essay
Uncover drinks from every significant brewing region as well as less well-known areas. Find out why beers taste the way they do, how to appreciate flavour, aroma, texture and finish, and identify your own favourite style. Meet the producers and explore their origins, history and particular brewing...


The story behind your favourite tipple: from the origins of whisky and its great distillers, to serving suggestions
Take a journey across the globe and discover the wonderful world of whisky. Uncover drinks from the great whisky-making nations, as well as less well-known areas and visit distillers large and small. Learn about whisky’s origins and the various styles, from single malts to modern premium blends. Get...

French Wine

Learn to fully enjoy and appreciate fine French wines as this stunning companion guide brings each one to life!
Perfect for any wine-lover, this definitive visual guide to French wine features fully revised and updated information on over 200 appellations and vintages. Find everything you need, from regional information and driving tours to food pairings and how different wines are made. This lavishly illustrated...

The World's Greatest Wine Estates

A lavishly illustrated guide to the world's greatest wine estates
Robert Parker -
The world-renowned wine expert Robert M Parker brings you his first illustrated guide to the world's greatest wine estates. From Australia to United States, this sumptuous volume covers one hundred and seventy-five major wine regions of the world and each region is fully illustrated with stunning...

Malt Whisky Companion

Michael Jackson
Do you know your Mortlach from your Miltonduff? A Glenfiddich from a Glenlugie? Find out the differences in Michael Jackson's new edition of his celebrated guide to single malts - the best-selling Malt Whisky book in the world!

The Wine Buyer's Guide

Recent vintages, prices and ratings for more than 8,000 wines from across the world, by acclaimed wine critic Robert Parker.
Robert Parker
With this fully revised, seventh edition of Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide, Robert Parker once again makes the world of wine accessible to everyone. Two volumes presented in a durable slipcase cover wines from France and the Rest of the World. Using his famous 100-point rating system, he evaluates over...

Wines of the World

International wine experts bring the wine cellar of the world to your home
Follow the story of wine, from ancient to modern times and learn the process of making it today. You'll explore the flavours and characteristics of grape varieties and styles and discover all about wine making. From Alsace and Western Australia to the Valle d'Aosta and Stellenbosch, hop on a round-the-world...

Ready to Order

كورس معد خصيصا للعاملين او الذين ينون العمل فى السياحة --انظر من فضلك شرح خصائص هذا الكورس باللغة العربية و ذلك فى الترجمة العربية المصاحبة
Baude, Iglesias, Inesta
Ready to Order is for students working as (or training to become) chefs, bartenders or waiting staff. It provides the language training they need to communicate professionally in the fast-moving restaurant and catering industry. Presents and practices the relevant language and skills work in context...