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70 L.E

A Child from the Village

Sayyid Qutb Edited and translated by John Calvert and William Shepard
First published in Arabic in 1946, this autobiography tells of the early years of a person who, in later life, would become one of Egypt’s most influential radical Islamist thinkers. This memoir—a document of substantial historical value—tells of Sayyid Qutb’s childhood in the village of Musha in Upper...

150 L.E

Description de l’Egypte Napoleon’s Expedition and the Rediscovery of Ancient Egypt

Franco Serino
In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte launched an ambitious expedition of 35,000 troops to conquer Egypt. His ships also carried 167 of France’s leading scholars: mathematicians, astronomers, naturalists, engineers, architects, draftsmen, and men of letters. Their task was to study the country in all its aspects,...
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