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Rediscover our seafaring past in the compact edition of this sophisticated maritime book
Whether you're a Master, Commander or Pirate of the Caribbean, this is the vessel for you. From the earliest canoes to today's sophisticated ocean-going giants, witness the drama, the splendour and excitement of Ship's story above and below the waves, through centuries of exploration, endeavour and conflict. Covetable...

Organized Crime

An Inside Guide to the World's Most Successful Industry
Organised Crime is the first fully illustrated book to document the astonishing scale, and enormous power, of all the major organised criminal networks operating in the world today. It reveals the methods, motivations and tools employed by organised crime groups to amass vast profits from illegal...

The Story of America

Freedom and crisis from settlement to superpower
The Story of America presents the history of the United States not as an endless parade of specific facts but as a story with twists and turns, heroes and villains, saints and sinners, and even some comic relief. The Story of America provides a continuously absorbing tour of the American past from its...

History The definitive, 4.4 million year-old story of human history

The Definitive Visual Guide - From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day
From the origins of mankind to the 21st century, spanning the globe and based on the latest research, the complete story of the people, events, themes, ideas and forces that have shaped human existence. Find out about our history’s turning points: eye witness accounts and biographies give a personal...


Explosive reference for all the family in handy compact format
From the first chariot clashes of the ancient world to the bloody conflicts of today’s Middle East and the modern era of nuclear weapons, explore 5,000 years of armed battles and brutal combat. Get up close to an incredible array of artefacts, paintings, maps, battle plans and photographs which bring...


The complete record of a rock revolution with a foreword by Blondie's Deborah Harry – now in a compact format.
Discover the definitive story of Punk with three decades worth of interviews, insider stories, amazing photographs and memorabilia. The full story of rock and roll’s most rebellious offspring is told here – the gigs, the three-chord classics, the scandals, successes and fashions, in all their safety-pinned...

Why Men Love Bitches

From Doormat to Dreamgirl - A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship
Sherry Argov
Sherry Argov's fresh and witty Why Men Love Bitches gives no-nonsense advice guaranteed to help the woman who feels she is too nice become unpredictable, exciting, and ever so cool! The bitch not only gets her man, she knows how to hold her own in the relationship, keeping him guessing, dazzle him at...

Why Men Marry Bitches

A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart
by Sherry Argov
Never shy and always laugh-out-loud funny, Sherry Argov's Why Men Marry Bitches is a sharp-witted manifesto that shows women how to transform a casual relationship into a committed one. With the grittiest of girlfriend-to-girlfriend detail, Argov removes the kid gloves and explains why being extra nice...

The Great War for Civilisation

The Conquest of the Middle East
Robert Fisk
Unflinching, provocative, and brilliantly written, this work of stunning reportage addresses the full complexity of recent history and political events in the Middle East.

The Age of the Warrior: Selected Essays

Fisk, Robert
Robert Fisk has amassed a massive and devoted global readership with his eloquent and far-ranging articles on international politics. Now, for the first time, his brave and incisive essays have been collected in a single volume that ranges in scope from the recent war in Lebanon to the rise of Hamas;...

The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman
In THE WORLD IS FLAT, the highly-regarded New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman advances the work on globalization that made his THE LEXUS AND THE OLIVE TREE a bestseller. Claiming that the world is now at an important historical point--as important as the changes brought by the discoveries by...

From Beirut to Jerusalem

Thomas L Freidman
Winner of the National Book Award (1989), this book "is the most intelligent and comprehensive account one is likely to read". (The New York Times Book Review). Updated with a new chapter.

Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Why We Need a Green Revolution--And How It Can Renew America
Thomas L Friedman
Friedman's bestseller "The World Is Flat" has helped millions of readers to see globalization in a new way. Now the author brings a fresh outlook to the crises of destabilizing climate change and rising competition for energy.

120 L.E

The Sage of Seville Ibn Zuhr, His Time, and His Medical Legacy

Henry Azar
Ibn Zuhr (or Avenzoar) of twelfth-century Seville was the most important physician of Muslim Spain. His family boasted six generations of physicians, and also included midwives, jurists, poets, and viziers. His Kitab al-taysir, a compendium of therapeutics, was translated into Latin and Hebrew; its Latin...

90 L.E

Remembering Childhood in the Middle East Memoirs from a Century of Change

Collected and edited by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea Introduction by Robert A. Fernea
Growing up is a universal experience, but the particularities of homeland, culture, ethnicity, religion, family, and so on make every childhood unique. To give Western readers insight into what growing up in the Middle East was like in the twentieth century, this book gathers thirty-six original memoirs...
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