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100 L.E

Islam and Textbooks in the Middle East Comparing Curricula

A close look at Islam in public education in nine Arab countries
Edited by Eleanor Abdella Doumato and Gregory Starrett
Exploring the political and social priorities behind religious education in nine Middle Eastern countries, the authors reveal dramatic differences in the way that Islam is presented in textbooks across the region. They also illustrate the perhaps surprising adaptability of Islam as leaders strive to...

90 L.E

Industrial Policy in the Middle East and North Africa Rethinking the Role of the State

A timely look at the role of governments in Middle East economies
Edited by Ahmed Galal
Most governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region use trade policy to protect certain industries, provide tax incentives to promote a particular type of investment, and make subsidized credit available to firms of a certain size. Such government intervention, known as industrial policy,...

100 L.E

From Charity to Social Change Trends in Arab Philanthropy

A landmark study of philanthropic action in the modern Middle East
Edited by Barbara Ibrahim and Dina H. Sherif
Persistent societal problems and wealth creation in the Arab region are driving a new generation of actors to commit their resources for the greater public welfare. Widely known as philanthropy, voluntary contributions to causes that serve a public good are a longstanding and important aspect of cultures...

90 L.E

Employment Creation and Social Protection in the Middle East and North Africa

The Third Mediterranean Development Forum
Edited by Heba Handoussa and Zafiris Tzannatos
This timely volume describes and analyzes critical aspects of the labor market and social protection in the Arab world. Its authors address the complex interrelationship that has evolved between labor, human development, and, above all, social well-being in the Middle East and North Africa region—an...

85 L.E

Culture Wars: The Arabic Music Video Controversy

Transnational Broadcasting Studies
This first peer-reviewed print edition of the well-established e-journal Transnational Broadcasting Studies (TBS) focuses on the Arabic pop video and includes articles by Oxford anthropologist Walter Armbrust and popular Muslim preacher Amr Khaled, as well as an interview with Ruby, the Egyptian pop...

90 L.E

Challenges and Reforms of Economic Regulation in MENA Countries

Edited by Imed Limam
In their drive to improve their competitiveness in the world economy, MENA countries are faced with the challenges of improving productive and allocative efficiency; reducing bureaucratic ineffectiveness, red tape, corruption, and excessive government intrusion; and improving the poor service delivery...

120 L.E

Beyond the Victim The Politics and Ethics of Empowering Cairo’s Street Children

Kamal Fahmi
Street children—abandoned or runaway children living on their own—can be found in cities all over the world, and their numbers are growing despite numerous international programs aimed at helping them. All too fre-quently, these children are viewed solely as victims or deviants to be rescued and rehabilitated....

100 L.E

Beyond the Façade Political Reform in the Arab World

Edited by Marina Ottaway and Julia Choucair-Vizoso
No Description

120 L.E

Beyond the Exotic Women’s Histories in Islamic Societies

Edited by Amira al-Azhary Sonbol
Most manifestations, research has accepted stereotypical images of Muslim women, treating their outward such as veiling, as passive and oppressive. Muslim women have been depicted as different, and by exoticizing (orientalizing) them—or Islamic society in general—“they” have been dealt with outside of...

80 L.E

Between Memory and Desire The Middle East in a Troubled Age

R. Stephen Humphreys
Middle Easterners today are caught between memories of a glorious but painful past and frustrated hopes for the future. They strive to find solutions to profound crises of every kind. In recent decades Islam has become central to this struggle, and almost every crisis involves fierce, sometimes violent...

80 L.E

Arab Women and Economic Development

Edited by Heba Handoussa
The subject of women’s participation in economic activity in the MENA region has acquired particular importance in view of the pressures of globalization, trade liberalization, the need for more women entrepreneurs, and a stronger presence in regional non-government organizations, as well as labor market...

200 L.E

Arab Media and Political Renewal Community, Legitimacy and Public Life

Edited by Naomi Sakr
People are on the move across the Arab world, organizing politically in new ways. The Arab media have also undergone a transformation and are still in a state of flux. It is therefore crucial to be able to discuss political initiatives in the region in the light of media developments. This authoritative...

120 L.E

America, Islam, and the War of Ideas Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens

Lawrence Pintak
The words and actions of the United States, in the months and years after 9/11, have done little to improve its standing in the eyes of the world, especially in the great arc of Muslim-populated nations from West Africa to Southeast Asia. This book explores the fundamental difference between the perception...
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