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What the Arabs Think of America

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Short Description:
Authors : Andrew Hammond
  • Publisher: American University Press Cairo
  • Pages: 258
  • Hard Cover: False
  • ISBN: 9789774162282
  • Publishing Date: 2008

These days, Americans and America provoke strong opinions from Arabs of all sorts, from politicians and journalists to the ordinary men and women of the ‘Arab Street.’ Their voices aren’t always heard in the west, but for over a decade British journalist Andrew Hammond, based in the Middle East, has been listening to what they have to say, and in this book they are heard loud and clear. Many of the issues are political. What do the Arabs think of American support for Israel or the close US relationship with Saudi Arabia? How have they reacted to the American occupation of Iraq? But American influence in the Arab world isn’t limited to politics. What is the Arab view of American film, television, or the latest hip-hop or rap music? And what, for that matter, do Arabs think of Americans themselves, their lifestyle, attitudes, and character? Incorporating interviews with individuals from all over the Arab world, What the Arabs Think of America gives voice to the unheard partner in a relationship in crisis. “a well-documented and timely volume.”—MultiCultural Review “[A] timely and informative study.”—Arab News “Engaged journalism at its best.”—Madawi al-Rasheed, author of A History of Saudi Arabia Andrew Hammond is a journalist who has written extensively about the Middle East, reporting from many countries including Egypt, Sudan, Israel, and the Occupied Territories, and Iraq. He is currently Reuters senior correspondent in Saudi Arabia. He is the author of Popular Culture in the Arab World (AUC Press, 2007).