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Remaking Women Feminism and Modernity in the Middle East

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Short Description: Reexamines feminism in the postcolonial era, questioning many assumptions about women in the Middle Eas
Authors : Edited by Lila Abu-Lughod
  • Publisher: American University Press Cairo
  • Pages: 304
  • Hard Cover: False
  • ISBN: 9789774244742
  • Publishing Date: 1998

Contrary to popular perceptions, newly veiled women across the Middle East are just as much products and symbols of modernity as the upper- and middle-class women who took off the veil almost a century ago. This book helps us understand why. The contributors question the familiar dichotomy between tradition and modernity, in which women’s domesticity is associated with the former and their entry into the public sphere declared radical and new. They reveal the modernist assumptions of twentieth-century ideas about women as wives and mothers, as well as citizens. Remaking Women also challenges the easy equation of modernity with progress, emancipation, and the empowerment of women. Contributors take a close look at iconic figures and institutions in the narrative of Middle Eastern women’s “progress.” In this first book to apply postcolonial theory to feminism in Egypt, Iran, and Turkey—the three major countries of the Middle East with long histories of modernizing reform—the authors explore the specific character of local feminisms while interrogating their class politics, their ties to the politics of modernity, and the complex role played in their formation by the encounter with Europe. Contributors: Lila Abu-Lughod, Marilyn Booth, Khaled Fahmy, Mervat Hatem, Deniz Kandiyoti, Afsaneh Najmabadi, Omnia Shakry, Zohreh T. Sullivan. Lila Abu-Lughod is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Columbia University. She has published widely on cultural forms, gender, and feminism in the Middle East, based on extensive field research in Egypt. Her books include Veiled Sentiments: Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society and Writing Women’s Words: Bedouin Stories. In 2007, she was awarded the American Ethnological Society Senior Book Award for her book Dramas of Nationhood (AUC Press, 2005).