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90 L.E

Christianity in the Land of the Pharaohs The Coptic Orthodox Church

Jill Kamil
The Copts, the indigenous Christians of Egypt, have a long and fascinating history, but their importance has often been overlooked. Jill Kamil has written an engaging survey of Coptic Christianity since pharaonic times, through its development under Rome, Byzantium, Islam, and beyond. Based on extensive...

150 L.E

Christianity and Monasticism in Wadi al-Natrun

Edited by Maged S.A. Mikhail and Mark Moussa
Maged S.A. Mikhail is assistant professor of history at California State University, Fullerton, specializing in late antique and early Islamic history, and is the editor of Coptica. Mark Moussa is completing his doctoral dissertation in Semitic and Egyptian languages and literatures at the Catholic University...

120 L.E

Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt Volume 1: Akhmim and Sohag

New studies in Christianity in the Sohag region
Edited by Gawdat Gabra and Hany Takla
Christianity and monasticism have flourished along the Nile Valley in the Sohag region of Upper Egypt from as early as the fourth century until the present day. The contributors to this volume, international specialists in Coptology from around the world, examine various aspects of Coptic civilization...

120 L.E

Christianity and Monasticism in the Fayoum Oasis

Important contributions to the archaeology and history of Christianity in Egypt’s largest oasis
Edited by Gawdat Gabra
Christianity began in the large and fertile Fayoum oasis of Egypt’s Western Desert as early as the third century, and its presence has endured to the present day. This volume, which constitutes a tribute to the scholarly work of the father of modern Coptology, Martin Krause, contains contributions on...

200 L.E

Christian Egypt Coptic Art and Monuments through Two Millennia

A comprehensive look at Coptic art and life
Massimo Capuani Introduced by Gawdat Gabra With contributions by Otto F.A. Meinardus and Marie-Hélène Rutschowscaya
The Coptic Church owes its existence to the evangelization of Egypt by St. Mark and thus claims to be one of the churches most faithful to the biblical message of the beginnings of Christianity. The Copts regard themselves as the true descendants of the ancient people of pharaonic Egypt. The history...

180 L.E

Be Thou There
The Holy Family’s Journey in Egypt

The comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide to the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt
Edited with an introduction by Gawdat Gabra Text by William Lyster and Cornelis Hulsman, and Stephen Davis Photographs by Norbert Schiller
"Arise and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word"(Matt., 2:13). The world long awaited the arrival of the Messiah, and the prophecy intimated that he would appear in Egypt. But how long would he stay? Where would he go? This remarkable book...

140 L.E

Autobiography of a Moroccan Sufi Saint

Ahmad Ibn ‘Ajiba Translated by Jean Louis Michon and David Streight
Ibn Ajiba, an 18th-century Moroccan saint in the Darqawi Sufi lineage, wrote his fahrasa , or autobiography, not for the pleasure of talking about himself but “to celebrate God's kindness” by informing others of the graces bestowed on him. This account details Ibn Ajiba's travels in search of both secular...

200 L.E

Arabic through the Qur’an

Alan Jones
Written by Prof. Alan Jones, professor of Arabic at Oxford University, this work aims at teaching Arabic using only the vocabulary in the Qur’an. In forty lessons and starting with the alphabet, Arabic Through the Qur’an covers the whole of Arabic grammar. Each lesson is followed by exercises and a key...

400 L.E

al-Shafi‘i’s Risala Treatise on the Foundation of Islamic Jurisprudence

Translated with an introduction, notes, and appendices by Majid Khadduri
The Risala of al-Imam al-Shafi‘i was written in the second century of Islam but its influence continues to the present day since it was with this text by the founder of one of the four Sunni schools of law that Islamic jurisprudence found its most complete and lasting systematization. During the early...

100 L.E

Alone With the Alone in the Name

Jean-Marie Tresflin
Gingerly probing the mystery of God's conversations with individuals, this collection of poetry demonstrates that God communicates with people today just as he did in the past, so long as there is someone to listen. Urging readers to cast aside the desperate prerogatives of their runaway egos, these...

135 L.E

Al-Nawawi’s Manual of Islam

Nuh Ha Mim Keller
Imam Nawawi’s classic manual of Islam, al-Maqasid, was first composed as a fiqh matn, or synopsis of the practical requirements of Islam—faith, purification, the prayer, zakat, fasting, and pilgrimage—for students to memorize. The handbook’s clear and concise style will help anyone seeking to learn the...

250 L.E

Al-Ghazali on Disciplining the Soul & on Breaking the Two Desires

Translated by T.J. Winter
The spiritual life in Islam begins with riyadat al-nafs , the inner warfare against the ego. Distracted and polluted by worldliness, the lower self has a tendency to drag the human creature down into arrogance and vice. Only by a powerful effort of will can the sincere worshipper achieve the purity of...

150 L.E

A Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World

Sayyed Hossein Nasr
An Islamic Texts Society edition

120 L.E

A Portrait of the Prophet As Seen by His Contemporaries: Ash-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyya

Imam Muhammad ibn ‘Isa at-Tirmidhi Translated by Muhtar Holland
The hadith of the Prophet provide the role model for all Muslims and give an example of how Qur’anic doctrine was actually to be lived in daily life. Here the reader is able to go back 14 centuries and be in the very presence of the Prophet, through the authentic recorded sayings transmitted by the...

The islamic Invocations

سعيد بن علي بن وهف القحطاني
The book includes the invocations said in the different occasions. For instances, it includes the invocations after waking up, before sleep, before eating, after eating, before travel, after returning from travel…etc. I only stated the texts of the Adh-Dhikr (Remembrances of Allah). Likewise, I only...
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