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Purifying The Soul


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Authors : سعيد حوى
  • Publisher: دار السلام
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This is a translation of the book entitled ‘Al-Mustakhlas fi Tazkiyat Al-Anfus’ [Selected Writings on Purifying the Soul] by Sheikh Sa'eed Hawwa who quoted most of the book from Imam Al-Ghazali’s book ‘Ihya’ ‘Ulum-ud-Din’ [Revival of the Sciences of Religion]. Sheikh Sa‘eed only quoted that which is related to purifying the soul [the human self]. He explained that purifying the soul is comprised of purification, incorporating this inner change into one’s actions, and emulating righteous deeds which through ritual practice affects one’s behavior toward Allah and His creation. It also has its effects in disciplining the body in accordance with Allah’s commandments. He views that purifying the heart and soul can be attained through performing acts of worship and other deeds that, if performed perfectly, purify the heart and consequently affect the other organs and limbs such as the tongue, the eye, the ear and so on. The most apparent fruit of the purified soul is proper conduct and high morals with regards to Allah and mankind. In this way, the soul is purified and the fruit of this is made manifest. One result is the disciplining of the body in conformity with Allah’s commandments with regards to one’s dealings with family, neighbors, society, and humanity at large. This is the subject matter of this book.