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العقيدة الإسلامية التي ينشأ عليه الصغار ( إنجليزي )


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Authors : الإمـام ابـن أبـي زيـد القيروانـي ت : 386 هـ
  • Publisher: دار السلام
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  • Hard Cover: False
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No one can deny the importance of teaching the sound Islamic belief and Noble Qur`?n to children during the early stages of their upbringing. It is a fatal mistake that a person may pass to the stage of adulthood and grow old while he learned nothing about Islamic belief and the Noble Qur`?n. Therefore, a child should take advantage of his childhood and learn the sound Islamic belief and memorize the Qur`?n. Thus, this small book contains a presentation of the sound Islamic belief as well as chapters about jurisprudential issues so as to teach them to the children. It also aims to inculcate such belief in their hearts from the time they are young. Actually, It is easy for children to understand.