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200 L.E

The Arabian Horse of Egypt

Magnificent photographs celebrating the history and splendor of this special breed
Photographs by Nasr Marei, Text by Cynthia Culbertson
Prized for their stamina and their acclimation to the harsh conditions of the Arabian deserts, the ancestors of the horses that are now recognized as the Egyptian Arabian purebred horse entered Egypt centuries ago, establishing the valuable bloodlines of the breed there. The breeding programs in Egypt...

Made By Me

A stitch-by-stitch guide to knitting, sewing and embroidery for children, from award winning author Jane Bull
Jane Bull
Help your child get creative with activity expert Jane Bull. Can you never find those all important accessories or would you like to give an original present? Then read this together with your child; they’ll learn basic sewing, embroidery, knitting and appliqué techniques, and enjoy using the simple...

Digital Photography

Dorling Kindersley Book and CD : 05 Jul 2007 8 - 14 years
Ditch the jargon and take pictures like a pro with this fantastic book and CD that give you the tools and know-how to turn snaps into really cool pics! From how your camera works, to great ideas for subjects, mini-projects and a wealth of techniques and inspiration to improve your photography, you’ll...


Discover the intriguing world of musical sound and the extraordinary variety of instruments that create it, in this new paperback edition
Ever since Stone Age humans used slabs to create sound, man has invented an extraordinary variety of instruments in the pursuit of new ways of making music. Many of the instruments featured in this dazzling collection of specially commissioned pictures come from specialist museum collections; all are...


Checkmate! Learn to play chess like a champ with this exciting step-by-step guide, complete with amazing 3D illustrations and master tips and challenges.
Easy steps to grandmaster greatness – now in paperback From the opening move to checkmate, this step-by-step guide will help your child play chess like a champion. Whether they are just starting out, or are a bit of an expert, they’ll learn a great deal – starting with basic techniques, they’ll move...

Deck of Knots

From the Cow Hitch to the Sheepshank, discover everything about knot tying.
Whether you want to learn some loops or practice plaits, these 52 cards will reveal everything you need to know about tying knots. Easy to follow step-by-steps will teach you how to select the correct type of rope and how to tie perfect knots. Whether you are fishing, camping, sailing or mountaineering,...


Find everything you need to observe, understand and enjoy the night sky in this complete practical kit for star watchers
Carole Stott
Pick up the handy visual guide and find out what you’ll need to get started and when to look for stars, plus explore a complete introduction to the Solar System. Use the interactive planisphere to navigate the entire sky any time of night, throughout the year. Plus, 44 double-sided cards and a mini torch...

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

Successful Pictures from your Digital Camera
Whatever you want to photograph, discover how to get it right every time with the expert photographer and bestselling author Tom Ang. From still life to children's parties, make sure you're picture perfect with Tom Ang’s guide to taking photographs, now in paperback. Follow straightforward instructions...


The clearest recognition guides available Also available in Arabic
Cally Hall
The Dorling Kindersley Handbook of Gemstones is packed with more than 800 vivid full-colour photographs of more than 130 varieties of cut and uncut stones, organic gemstones and precious metals. With authoritative text, clear photography and a systematic approach, this concise guide to identification...


The clearest recognition guides available
Authoritative text, crystal-clear photography and a systematic approach make the Dorling Kindersley Handbook of Fossils the most comprehensive and concise pocket to fossils of the world. Packed withmore than 1,000 full-colour photographs of over 500 species, this handbook is designed to cut through the...

Rocks and Minerals

The clearest recognition guides available
The Dorling Kindersley Handbook of Rocks and Minerals is packed with 600 full-colour photographs of more than 500 specimens. Authoritative text, clear photographs and a systematic approach help you to cut through the complicated identification process and recognize a specimen easily. Photo-Encyclopedic...


World myths, gods, heroes, creatures and mythical places revealed
Undertake a quest of discovery – and learn about some of the greatest myths and characters the world has ever known – without leaving your armchair. Get the story behind famous tales, from Greek mythology to the lesser known myths from the Americas, Oceania and Africa. Enjoy timeless epics vividly...


Trace astrology through the ages, from ancient times to the present
Whether you are a well-balanced Libran, or a power-crazed Leo learn about the wisdom of the heavens from world authorities Derek and Julia Parker. Trace astrology through the ages, from its place in ancient times to the present, and explore the intriguing relationships it has with science and religion....


"Packed into every page of this book is the excitement of discovery, knowledge, taste and visual beauty. It all gives the reader the illusion of being at an actual performance." Placido Domingo "Opera is a beautiful guide for opera enthusiasts as well as the perfect welcome for converts to this...

The New Complete Guitarist

The all-visual approach to mastering the guitar
This new edition of Richard Chapman's million-selling classic takes you from the simplest chords and tunes to more complex techniques and advanced improvisation. Whether you're a fan of rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical, folk, country or flamenco, this practical book uses a uniques visual approach to...
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