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Children's First Cookbook


Short Description: Make first time cooking easy and fun with Annabel Karmel 4-7 years
Authors : Annabel Karmel
  • Publisher: DK
  • Pages: 48
  • Hard Cover: False
  • ISBN: 9781405308434
  • Publishing Date: 2005

Scrummy scrambled eggs, baked potato mice, easy peasy cupcakes and smoothie shake ups – make a child’s first time cooking in the kitchen fun and easy with Annabel Karmel! From sweet treats to simple family meals, young children will love trying out the exciting range of tasty and healthy recipes. Contains clear step-by-step instructions and fantastic photography Encourages parents and children to bond in a fun, interactive way Teaches new skills such as counting, measuring and weighing Annabel Karmel uses her years of experience to bring the grown-up world of cooking to a child’s level - exploring food and cooking is not just about eating, but a playful activity and a way to learn new skills. With easy-to-follow instructions, Children's First Cookbook is the perfect starting point for any budding young chef! "She's a miracle woman" Jools Oliver