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Children's First Cookbook

Make first time cooking easy and fun with Annabel Karmel 4-7 years
Annabel Karmel
Scrummy scrambled eggs, baked potato mice, easy peasy cupcakes and smoothie shake ups – make a child’s first time cooking in the kitchen fun and easy with Annabel Karmel! From sweet treats to simple family meals, young children will love trying out the exciting range of tasty and healthy recipes. Contains...

Diet books

Change the way you eat, blitz bad habits and achieve real weight loss fast with the bestselling Food Doctor Ian Marber. Packed with delicious recipes and motivational advice, these books will help you get off the diet treadmill forever.


From great British recipes and how to cook curry, to preparing pasta and mastering the art of Asian food, discover everything there is to know about cuisines from around the world.

Cookery books

Find the answers to all your culinary questions in our range of cookery books. Step-by-step guidance from top chefs like James Martin and Mary Berry will teach you how to create delicious, easy, home-cooked meals

Cooking for babies and children

Get your child off to the right start with tips and advice on preparing healthy and nutritious meals for your children. Plus, find tasty recipes from children’s food gurus Annabel Karmel and Miriam Stoppard.