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British Medical Association: A-Z Family Medical Encyclopedia

The essential reference to over 7,000 medical terms including symptoms, diseases, drugs, and treatments
This new, revised edition of the BMA’s bestselling and definitive medical reference guide brings authoritative and up-to-date medical knowledge into your home. Stay up-to-date with medical advances and advice; from new developments in travel immunizations to the most recent guidelines for antenatal...

British Medical Association:When Your Child is ill

A Home Guide for Parents
Bernard Valman
From asthma to chicken pox, learn to look after your little people with this at home guide for parents, covering childhood diseases and disorders. Comprehensive question-and-answer charts help you make informed decisions about your child’s health, giving you the confidence to know when to visit a...


Dorling Kindersley : Eyewitness Companions
Bruce Fogle
Discover everything you need to know about cats in this comprehensive guide from the UK's No.1 vet, Dr Bruce Fogle. Meet sixty breeds, from the Manx to the Japanese Bobtail, and learn how to identify the characteristics that make each one special. Make sure you know how to look after your purrfect friend...


Dorling Kindersley : Eyewitness Companions
Bruce Fogle
From their wild origins to their role as house pets and working dogs, discover the history of dogs in this Eyewitness Companion guide. You'll find a wealth of specially commissioned photography and information on identifying breeds, whether you're a fan of toy poodles or Irish wolfhounds! Plus, see...

Children's First Cookbook

Make first time cooking easy and fun with Annabel Karmel 4-7 years
Annabel Karmel
Scrummy scrambled eggs, baked potato mice, easy peasy cupcakes and smoothie shake ups – make a child’s first time cooking in the kitchen fun and easy with Annabel Karmel! From sweet treats to simple family meals, young children will love trying out the exciting range of tasty and healthy recipes. Contains...

Five Lessons I Didn't Learn From Breast Cancer

(And One Big One I Did)
Shrelley Lewis
This cancer survivor’s book does not promote cancer as a spiritual gift. This is not a book filled with ‘Look on the bright side’ advice, Lewis says. This is . . . for women who don’t have and don’t want a spiritual makeover after breast cancer . . . and don’t expect breast cancer to fix what’s wrong...

200 L.E

The Arabian Horse of Egypt

Magnificent photographs celebrating the history and splendor of this special breed
Photographs by Nasr Marei, Text by Cynthia Culbertson
Prized for their stamina and their acclimation to the harsh conditions of the Arabian deserts, the ancestors of the horses that are now recognized as the Egyptian Arabian purebred horse entered Egypt centuries ago, establishing the valuable bloodlines of the breed there. The breeding programs in Egypt...

A Dictionary of Agricultural and Allied Terminology

Al-Khatib. Ahmad Shafiq
مصطلحات العلوم الزراعية

Made By Me

A stitch-by-stitch guide to knitting, sewing and embroidery for children, from award winning author Jane Bull
Jane Bull
Help your child get creative with activity expert Jane Bull. Can you never find those all important accessories or would you like to give an original present? Then read this together with your child; they’ll learn basic sewing, embroidery, knitting and appliqué techniques, and enjoy using the simple...

Digital Photography

Dorling Kindersley Book and CD : 05 Jul 2007 8 - 14 years
Ditch the jargon and take pictures like a pro with this fantastic book and CD that give you the tools and know-how to turn snaps into really cool pics! From how your camera works, to great ideas for subjects, mini-projects and a wealth of techniques and inspiration to improve your photography, you’ll...


Discover the intriguing world of musical sound and the extraordinary variety of instruments that create it, in this new paperback edition
Ever since Stone Age humans used slabs to create sound, man has invented an extraordinary variety of instruments in the pursuit of new ways of making music. Many of the instruments featured in this dazzling collection of specially commissioned pictures come from specialist museum collections; all are...


Checkmate! Learn to play chess like a champ with this exciting step-by-step guide, complete with amazing 3D illustrations and master tips and challenges.
Easy steps to grandmaster greatness – now in paperback From the opening move to checkmate, this step-by-step guide will help your child play chess like a champion. Whether they are just starting out, or are a bit of an expert, they’ll learn a great deal – starting with basic techniques, they’ll move...

Visiting the Doctor Help your child through a new experience

Turn a new experience into a fun activity for you and your toddler with this step-by-step guide
Are you off to see the doctor? Have you got first time nerves? Read the book together and find out what to expect. Watch toddler Sarah as she goes to the surgery with her teddy. See how the doctor can tell they are fit and healthy as they get their heart checked through a stethoscope. Boom, Boom! Lots...

Time to Eat Up

2 - 3 years
Turn breakfast, lunch and dinner into happy times for you and your toddler with this step-by-step guide. Read the book together and discover how we all need food for energy and to keep us healthy too. Learn what goes into favourite foods like pizza and why eating is fun, copy the toddler as she eats...

Milan & the Lakes

The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide to Milan and the Lakes will lead you straight to the best attractions this stunning region has to offer, with over 600 detailed maps, illustrations and colour photographs.
You’ll find detailed background information on the best activities in Milan; from walks in the charming Brera district to shopping for the latest fashions. Fully updated and expanded with hundreds of photographs and illustrations, the guide features detailed cutaways, beautiful floor plans and street-by-street...
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