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York Dictionary of Law


Short Description: English-English
Authors :
  • Publisher: يورك
  • Pages: 258
  • Hard Cover: False
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This dictionary provides the user with the basic vocabulary used in British and American law. The subject matter covers criminal. Civil, commercial and international law, dealing with stituations as different as the solicitor's office, the courtroom, and the prison. The level of languages ranges from the very formal (including many Latin terms) to prison slang. The 6,000 main words and phrases are explained in simple English using a limited vocabulary of 500 words over and above those words which actually appear in the dictionary as main words. Very many examples are given to show the words and phrases used in context, and many of the more difficult phrases are also defined in clear and simple English. Words which pose particular grammatical problems have short grammar notes attached, giving irregular verb forms and plurals, together with notes on construction and the differences between British and American usage. Many words aslo have comments of a more general nature, referring to the judicial system, or particular points of law. At the back of the book a supplement gives information in tabular form about legal systems, writs, judjments conveyances, wills and other legal documents. We are particulary grateful to the Office for Official Publications, acting on behalf of the institutions of the European Communities, to Her Majesty's Stationery Office, and to the Solicitors' law Stationery Society Plc for giving permission to reproduce copyright documents in the supplement.