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Oxford Bookworms Club (NEW LEVELS)

Stories for Reading Circles Elementary to Advanced-
Short stories from Oxford Bookworms with a unique set of resources and information for running successful Reading Circles. Overview Bookworms Club offers collections of stories selected from existing titles of the Oxford Bookworms Library, with resources for use with Reading Circles. Reading Circles...

Oxford Bookworms Collection

Advanced - young adults and adults
Six volumes of themed short stories by well-known authors, both classic and modern. The texts are not abridged or adapted in any way, but have been selected for content and language that will be understood by the advanced student. Each story has a short introduction, exploitation activities and notes...

Penguin Readers

سلسلة بنجوين فى القصص ذات الانجليزية المخففة
Penguin Readers now has a fresh new look and some great additional features that will ‘wow’ students and make reading lessons go with a bang! As well as all your old favourites – completely refreshed and updated – we have ten fantastic new titles for you to choose from Penguin Readers Penguin Readers...