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Short Description:
Authors : John Grogan
  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Pages: 292
  • Hard Cover: False
  • ISBN: 9780061340628
  • Publishing Date: 2007

Don't ever confuse Lassie with Marley. Minding was something Marley couldn't quite manage - this is despite obedience school and concerted efforts by his adoptive parents, John and Jenny. Marley was a Lab with few of a Labrador Retriever with few of a Lab's characteristics. He was 97 pounds of almost non-stop accidents waiting to happen. Actually, John and Jenny wouldn't have had him any other way nor would we. His heart was huge and his love boundless despite his lack of social graces (sniffing crotches is definitely unacceptable as is swallowing costly uneatable items). In retrospect, John can remember Jenny's reasoning - they were newly married and she thought having a puppy would be good training to caring for children when they came along. He writes, "If Jenny really only wanted a dog to hone her parenting skills, I would have tried to talk her off the ledge and maybe placate her with a goldfish." They both had full-time jobs and knew that a dog was a large responsibility. But, they both also had happy memories of having a dog when they were children. So, their decision was made and Marley was their pick of the wriggling, furry litter. Little did they know. (Even though upon first meeting Marley all but chewed his way through John's watchband.) "Marley & Me" is so much more than the story of a lovable canine, it's the story of a family - how they grew together, their celebrations and their griefs. It's also a tale sure to provoke both laughter and tears.