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The Macgregors: Robert - Cybil

Nora Roberts
Two classic tales of the beloved MacGregor clan by #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Nora Roberts are contained in this new two-in-one volume. Includes "The Winning Hand" and "The Perfect Neighbor." Reissue. The Winning Hand When Darcy Wallace spends her last three dollars at the hotel casino...

Temple of a Million Years

Christian Jacq
The second title in the fictional biography of Ramses II, a sequel to "The Son of the Light". Ramses is about to be crowned and faces a fight to hold onto his throne. Can the building of the Temple of a Million Years really help to vanquish his enemies, visible and unseen?

Shadow of the Sphinx

Christian Jacq
The time has come for the final confrontation. Appointed supreme magistrate and first minister of Egypt, Pazair and his wife Neferet must join forces against the Finance Minister, Pazair's sworn enemy, now openly presenting himself as spokesman for the conspirators who plan to overthrow Ramses the Great...

Secrets of the Desert

Christian Jacq
Having discovered a monstrous conspiracy to overthrow the pharaoh, Ramses the Great, Judge Pazair has been deported for a crime he did not commit and sentenced to die in a prison camp. But the conspirators have reckoned without the love of Neferet, the young woman doctor Pazair has just married, and...

Ramses: Under the Western Acacia

Christian Jacq
Ancient Egypt comes alive in this eagerly anticipated new series that's breaking sales records in Europe! Ramses, Vol. I: The Son of Light recounts the thrilling story of Ramses, the legendary king who ruled Egypt for more than 60 years. Chosen by the pharaoh Seti, the 14-year-year-old Ramses sets into...

Master Hiram and King Solomon

Christian Jacq
980 B.C. Having succeeded in bringing peace and prosperity to his people, King Solomon, the son of David, is determined to build a magnficient temple on the rock of Jerusalem. A temple where the sacred Ark of the Covenant could be housed. A temple to rival in splendour the great pyramids of Egypt: a...

Lady of Abu Simbel

Christian Jacq
Despite the tremendous shock of the Battle of Kadesh, Ramses has not managed to bring the formidable Hittite might to its knees. Rather than continue the struggle he decides to engage in negotiations. At the same time, he promise Nefertati that two temples will be built at Abu Simbel

Champollion the Egyptian

Christian Jacq
Born in the small French town of Figeac in 1790, Jean-Francois Champollion was to become famous as the man who first discovered the meaning of hieroglyphs. This remarkable novel tells the story of his extraordinary trip to Egypt in 1828 on a quest to prove the truth of his groundbreaking theories and...

Beneath the Pyramid

Christian Jacq
historical jacq christian popular fiction

Battle of Kadesh

Christian Jacq
To save Egypt from the Hittites, Ramses II must face the might of their powerful army, whose weapons are vastly superior to Egypt's own. How can Ramses prepare himself for the battle at Kadesh when the health of his beloved wife, Nefertari, is failing rapidly?

Deception Point

Dan Brown
A shocking scientific discovery.; A conspiracy of staggering brilliance.; A thriller unlike any you´ve ever heard...; When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory -- a victory with profound implications...

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown
The brilliant new thriller from the author of Angels and Demons Robert Langdon, Harvard Professor of symbology, receives an urgent late-night call while in Paris: the curator of the Louvre has been murdered. Alongside the body is a series of baffling ciphers. Langdon and a gifted French cryptologist,...

The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown
The Lost Symbol is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown's No. 1 international phenomenon with 81 million copies in print worldwide and the UK's biggest selling paperback novel of all time, and it will once again feature Dan Brown's unforgettable protagonist, Robert Langdon....