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RSPB Pocket Birds

New edition of this pocket-sized guide to birds from the experts at the RSPB – Europe’s largest conservation organisation.
From the Sandwich Tern to the Short-toed Eagle, discover over 320 species of bird found in the UK and Europe. Close-up photographs and notes on distinguishing features will help you identify different species of bird in the field. Learn all about them from their calls and feeding behaviour to nesting...

موسوعة الطيور المصوّرة

Encylopedia of Birds

40 L.E

Exploring the Red Sea & Eastern Desert Heritage and Nature Map in Full Color

A new and unique fold-out map and guide Also Available in Italian,German,Russian,French
Gabriel Mikhail
This lavishly illustrated fold-out map and guide reveals the spectacular wilderness areas of Egypt’s Eastern Desert and Red Sea, with their varied marine and terrestrial wildlife and habitats, indigenous nomadic peoples with distinct cultures, and unique archaeological sites. This exotic desert–sea region...

75 L.E

Bahriyah and Farafra

Ahmed Fakhry With a new introduction by Anthony J. Mills
Despite the growing numbers of visitors looking for peace and quiet in the palm groves, cures in the hot springs, or adventure in the desert, the oases of Bahriyah and Farafra still nestle gently in Egypt’s Western Desert, worlds away from the bustling Nile Valley. But when Ahmed Fakhry first visited...

200 L.E

Encyclopedia of Fruit Trees and Edible Flowering Plants in Egypt and the Subtropics

Alfred G. Bircher and Warda H. Bircher
This definitive work, the result of two lifetimes of experimentation and research, provides a much-needed reference to all the genera and species of fruit trees and edible flowering plants cultivable in Egypt and other countries of the subtropics. In the first part of the book the authors introduce the...

180 L.E

The Red Land

The Illustrated Archaeology of Egypt’s Eastern Desert
Steven E. Sidebotham and Martin Hense and Hendrikje M. Nouwens
For thousands of years Egypt has crowded the Nile Valley and Delta. The Eastern Desert, however, has also played a crucial—though until now little understood—role in Egyptian history. Ancient inhabitants of the Nile Valley feared the desert, which they referred to as the Red Land, and were reluctant...

180 L.E

Desert Songs A Woman Explorer in Egypt and Sudan

Arita Baaijens
Arita Baaijens gave up her job as an environmentalist nearly twenty years ago, and has been exploring the deserts of Egypt and Sudan with her small camel caravan ever since. In Desert Songs she recounts her passion for the desert, the place she loves and fears. On one level Desert Songs reads as an ode...

150 L.E

The Western Desert of Egypt An Explorer’s Handbook. New Revised Edition

Cassandra Vivian
Already the most comprehensive guide ever for desert and oasis travel in Egypt west of the Nile, The Western Desert of Egypt: An Explorer’s Handbook has now been fully revised and updated for the latest generation of twenty-first century desert adventurers. Fully illustrated with some 50 maps and plans...

100 L.E

The Red Sea Mountains of Egypt and Egyptian Years

L.A. Tregenza Foreword by Joseph J. Hobbs
In The Red Sea Mountains of Egypt and Egyptian Years, English scholar and explorer Leo Arthur Tregenza (1901–98) describes an Egypt unknown today. In his prose the Nile still floods, and Bedouin of the desert practice a way of life unchanged for thousands of years. L.A. Tregenza came to Egypt in 1927...

120 L.E

The Lost Oases

A. M. Hassanein Bey Introduced by Michael Haag
In The Lost Oases, Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Hassanein tells how he set out by camel from Egypt’s Mediterranean coast west of Mersa Matruh, heading for the oases of Siwa and Kufra and into the unknown reaches of the Libyan Desert. His perilous eight-month journey in 1923 took him around the western edges...

75 L.E

The Desert Garden A Practical Guide

Irina Springuel
Despite their dry climates, Egypt’s deserts sustain a rich variety of plant life, from towering doum palm trees to the tamarisk shrub and flowering acacias. With this practical guide, noted ecologist Irina Springuel explains the best techniques for cultivating gardens using species indigenous to Egypt....

75 L.E

Siwa Oasis

Ahmed Fakhry
The oasis of Siwa was famed in antiquity for its Oracle of Amun, consulted by Alexander the Great. Today, Siwa is known for its fine dates and its unique way of life. In this already classic work, renowned archaeologist Ahmed Fakhry reviews Siwa's past and present. Beginning with a survey of the deserts...

95 L.E

Guide to the Exploration of the Sinai

Also Available in French
Alberto Siliotti
Bathed to the north by the waters of the Mediterranean, and flanked on either side by the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Eilat, the Sinai peninsula narrows down to its southern tip, where a breathtaking sweep of jagged rock marks its meeting point with the Red Sea. The Sinai’s interior boasts a thriving...

150 L.E

Gardens of a Sacred Landscape Bedouin Heritage and Natural History in the High Mountains of Sina

Samy Zalat and Francis Gilbert Illustrations by Ahmed Gheith
This beautifully illustrated book describes the unique environment and the natural history of St. Katherine in Sinai from the perspective of its inhabitants—the Gabaliya Bedouin. The Gabaliya live in the high and rugged mountain massif of South Sinai, enclosed within the St. Katherine Protectorate in...

90 L.E

Egypt’s Wilderness and the Quest for Conservation

Gabriel Mikhail
This lavishly illustrated book reveals Egypt’s spectacular wilderness areas with their varied wildlife and habitats and their sparse human populations, through over 300 stunning color photographs and paintings, together with explanatory text describing the natural and cultural landscapes. Many of the...
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