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350 L.E

Egypt Temples, Men, and Gods

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian
Alberto Siliotti
Through powerful pictures and concise language, this generously illustrated volume presents a straightforward, clear, and comprehensive panorama of the civilization of ancient Egypt. Beginning with a geographical and historical introduction, the book then goes on to provide the reader with an understanding...

350 L.E

Dwellings of Eternity The Great Tombs of the World’s Ancient Civilizations

Edited by Alberto Siliotti
Every culture since prehistory has believed in an eternal life beyond the grave. The supreme expressions of artistic and architectural creativity of the greatest human civilizations are the ‘dwellings of eternity’ that were built to cross the oceans of time and to hold the mortal remains of the deceased,...

150 L.E

Description de l’Egypte Napoleon’s Expedition and the Rediscovery of Ancient Egypt

Franco Serino
In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte launched an ambitious expedition of 35,000 troops to conquer Egypt. His ships also carried 167 of France’s leading scholars: mathematicians, astronomers, naturalists, engineers, architects, draftsmen, and men of letters. Their task was to study the country in all its aspects,...
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