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350 L.E

Enchanted Jewelry of Egypt The Traditional Art and Craft

Azza Fahmy
For many women of Egypt, their jewelry is their bank—they wear their wealth in their gold. But jewelry in Egypt is also more than mere assets, and its design and manufacture reveal a great array of styles and a high degree of skill and artistry. In this lavishly illustrated book, Azza Fahmy, herself...

200 L.E

Egyptian Palaces and Villas, 1808–1960

Shirley Johnston with photographs by Sherif Sonbol
In 1798 Napoleon conquered Egypt, overthrowing the last of the Mamluk beys who had ruled the country for centuries. When the French army withdrew in 1801, Mohammed Ali, a ruthless and yet forward-looking soldier of fortune from the Balkans, seized power. Although he and his successors nominally represented...

300 L.E

Cairo of the Mamluks A History of the Architecture and Its Culture

Doris Behrens-Abouseif
During two and a half centuries of rule by Mamluk sultans, Cairo acquired some of its most impressive medieval architecture, including the historical monuments that today define the city’s architectural heritage. In this comprehensive work of analysis and description, Islamic art historian Doris Behrens-Abouseif...

350 L.E

The Treasures of the Egyptian Museum

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Spanish
Edited by Francesco Tiradritti Photographs by Araldo De Luca Introduced by H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo: a palace of priceless treasures, the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world, covering more than three thousand years of Egypt’s history, from its Predynastic origins to the Roman period. In this spectacular book, curators of Egyptian collections around...

350 L.E

The Royal Mummies Immortality in Ancient Egypt

Francis Janot Introduction by Zahi Hawass
Embalming, the art that people had learned from the god Anubis, was the practical intervention that checked the ineluctable decomposition of the pharaoh’s body—a battle that had to be won, since the cosmic order itself depended on its successful outcome. This lavishly illustrated book acquaints the readers...

350 L.E

The Queens of Ancient Egypt

Texts by Rosanna Pirelli Introduction by Dorothea Arnold Foreword by H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak
Great royal wife. God’s wife. Daughter of God. The ancient Egyptian language had no specific and separate word for ‘queen’ as we know it, yet for three thousand years, queens had occasion to share responsibility with Egypt’s pharaohs for ruling one of the most powerful countries of the ancient world....

150 L.E

The Monuments of Egypt and Nubia

Ippolito Rosellini Text by Franco Serino
Following the Napoleonic military campaign in Egypt (1798–1801), Europe rediscovered the ancient Egyptian civilization, and later expeditions deepened and amplified knowledge of the country’s archaeological monuments, giving birth to a new science, Egyptology, which is still very active. In 1828, Charles...

350 L.E

The Treasures of the Pyramids

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish
Edited by Zahi Hawass Introduced by H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak
Besides being among the most marvelous architectural achievements of ancient history, the pyramids are the most visible aspect of the unique religious and metaphysical beliefs of ancient Egypt. As the point of contact between earth and heaven, the human and the divine, the pyramids were the means by...

450 L.E

King Tutankhamun
The Treasures of the Tomb

Zahi Hawass Photographs by Sandro Vannini
The tomb of Tutankhamun, with its breathtaking treasures, remains the most sensational archaeological find of all time. This brilliantly illustrated volume takes the reader through Tutankhamun’s tomb room-by-room in the order that it was discovered and excavated by Howard Carter, illuminating the tomb’s...

200 L.E

The Valley of the Golden Mummies

Zahi Hawass
The astonishing discovery of the Valley of the Golden Mummies in Bahariya Oasis, deep in the Western Desert of Egypt, is considered perhaps the most spectacular Egyptian archeological discovery since that of Tutankhamun’s tomb. This vast site was uncovered by accident, when a donkey stumbled into the...

350 L.E

The Great Book of Ancient Egypt

In the Realm of the Pharaohs
Zahi Hawass
In this superbly illustrated volume, distinguished Egyptologist Zahi Hawass guides readers through the architectural landscape of pharaonic Egypt, from the houses and palaces of the living to the temples of the gods to the tombs of the dead. Hundreds of color photographs and a compelling text unveil...

250 L.E

The Eternal Light of Egypt A Photographic Journey

Sarite Sanders Introduced by Dorothea Arnold
For centuries visitors have been awed by ancient Egypt’s monuments, seeing in them testimony to a mysterious past and the remembrance of forces greater and more subtle than the corporeal world they inhabit. With stunning photography complemented by quotations from a range of textual sources, The Eternal...

300 L.E

Pharaonic Civilization

History and Treasures of Ancient Egypt
Giorgio Ferrero
Pharaonic Civilization sheds light on the principal events, cultural and social processes, and religious beliefs that influenced and shaped the development and flowering of a civilization on the Nile that lasted for thousands of years. Almost from the time the Egyptian state came into being with the...

250 L.E

Egyptian Luxuries Fragrance, Aromatherapy, and Cosmetics in Pharaonic Times

Lise Manniche Photographs by Werner Forman
The art of modern fragrance making owes much to practices developed in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians attached great importance to perfumes and cosmetics, which men and women wore to make themselves attractive and alluring, to restore vitality and good health, and as a means of venerating the gods and...

300 L.E

Egypt The World of the Pharaohs

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish,polish,sweedish,danish
Edited by Regine Schulz and Matthias Seidel
This beautifully produced and immensely informative book deals with Egypt from prehistoric times through the Greco-Roman era, and casts a revealing and refreshing light on ancient Egyptian history. The search for ancient wisdom, mystical experiences, and hidden treasure has led many who feel the fascination...
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