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10 L.E

The Secret Life of the Sphinx

Pocket Calendar 2010
Drawings by Sandy Northrop
A nice little Pocket Calenda, practical , useful for appointments.

10 L.E

The Hidden Life of King Tut

Pocket Calendar 2010
Drawings by Moody Youssef
this bestseller small calender is still amazing, A nice little Pocket Calenda, practical , useful for appointments.

750 L.E

Egypt and Nubia / The Holy Land Limited Collector’s edition

An exquisite collection for fine art lovers and David Roberts connoisseurs.
Drawings by David Roberts, R.A. With historical descriptions by William Brockedon Lithographed by Louis Haghe
The genius and sensitivity of the justly celebrated nineteenth-century Scottish artist David Roberts are fully revealed in this outstanding special three-volume collector’s edition that reproduces in unprecedented print quality all 247 of Roberts’ published drawings of Egypt and the Holy Land. In 1838...

300 L.E

Egypt Yesterday and Today

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish
Lithographs and diaries by David Roberts, R.A. Text by Fabio Bourbon Photographs by Antonio Attini
David Roberts, one of the most skilled landscape artists of his time, set out for Egypt in 1838, where he made countless sketches of the most remarkable sites and monuments. Superb lithographs made from his work, first published between 1846 and 1848, are richly reproduced here in resplendent color,...

300 L.E

The Holy Land Yesterday and Today

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish
Lithographs and diaries by David Roberts, R.A. Text by Fabio Bourbon Photographs by Antonio Attini
During the first months of 1839, David Roberts toured the Sinai Peninsula, Petra, Jerusalem, Palestine, the coasts of Lebanon, and Baalbec, returning to England to produce a series of moving and delightful lithographs detailing the region’s splendors. As with the companion volume, Egypt: Yesterday and...

400 L.E

The Great Book of World Heritage Sites

Marco Cattaneo and Jasmina Trifoni
UNESCO's Convention of the World's Natural and Cultural Heritage was adopted in 1972 and now numbers almost 800 sites in more than 150 countries. This book has brought together in a spectacular volume illustrated with magnificent photographs the 160 most significant natural, cultureal, and archaeological...

350 L.E

Lost Cities from the Ancient World

Edited by Maria Teresa Guaitoli and Simone Rambaldi
In following a fascinating trail to the most beautiful cities of the ancient world, this book retraces the history and development of the most important urban centers of antiquity, placing them in their historical and geographical context, and analyzing what remains of their architectural and artistic...

350 L.E

In the Eye of Horus A Photographer’s Flight over Egypt

Photographs by Marcello Bertinetti Text by Maria Sole Croce Introduced by H. E. Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui
Egypt, the land that saw the rise and fall of the most long-lived and enigmatic of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, offers itself to the readers’ gaze from on high, the best vantage point from which to experience its grandeur. Egypt is capable of staging spectacles of pure beauty: the boundless...

High above Egypt

also available in french and spanish
Marcello Bertinetti Foreword by Omar Sharif
Photographed from the sky, Egypt shows the best of itself. The course of the Nile, which cuts the desert in two from north to south, and the enormous Delta provide glorious, lush vegetation sliced by a deep blue band. The white sails that slide over its waters and the spectacular monuments that line...

250 L.E

Egypt Unexpected 1001 Days in Photographs

Silvia Dogliani
This book of extraordinary photographs of the ‘other side’ of Egypt is the result of the more than three years that Italian photojournalist Silvia Dogliani has spent in the country, traveling, meeting people, and looking out for the unexpected. Through her pictures, she presents a remarkable—and different—portrait...

350 L.E

Ancient Civilizations World Heritage Sites

Marco Cattaneo and Jasmina Trifoni
In 1972, UNESCO adopted the convention for the protection of the worlds’ cultural and natural heritage to which more than 150 countries have become signatories. This series celebrates the success of the endeavor by bringing together the 300 most interesting sites in three volumes based respectively on...

350 L.E

World Heritage Sites of UNESCO The Treasures of Art

Marco Cattaneo and Jasmina Trifoni
The first in a series of three books documenting the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. This fully illustrated volume presents a selection of one hundred sites of cultural and architectural value that have been continuously inhabited but some of which are threatened by modernization. Among these, UNESCO...

180 L.E

Vintage Alexandria Photographs of the City, 1860–1960

Michael Haag
Using vintage photographs from the second half of the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth, many of them from private family albums, this book brings to life the world of that vanished Alexandria, a vibrant, stylish, and cosmopolitan city, the largest port in the Mediterranean, that was...

250 L.E

The Golden Years of Egyptian Film cinema cairo. 1936–1967

Edited by Sherif Boraie With essays by Rafik el-Sabban and Mustafa Darwish and Yasser Alwan
Between the 1930s and the 1960s, the Egyptian cinema industry was at its height, producing hundreds of black-and-white comedies, dramas, and romances, many of which became enduring classics, much loved and watched over and over throughout the Arab world in cinemas and on television. Whatever the genre,...

150 L.E

Explorers and Artists in the Valley of the Kings

Catharine H. Roehrig With a foreword by Kent R. Weeks
The west bank of the Nile opposite the modern city of Luxor, often referred to as western Thebes, is probably the richest archaeological site in the world. This area has attracted travelers since ancient times, and many have left their impressions of the monuments in the form of graffiti, historical...
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