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In the Eye of Horus A Photographer’s Flight over Egypt

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Short Description:
Authors : Photographs by Marcello Bertinetti Text by Maria Sole Croce Introduced by H. E. Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui
  • Publisher: American University Press Cairo
  • Pages: 320
  • Hard Cover: True
  • ISBN: 9789774246364
  • Publishing Date: 2001

Egypt, the land that saw the rise and fall of the most long-lived and enigmatic of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, offers itself to the readers’ gaze from on high, the best vantage point from which to experience its grandeur. Egypt is capable of staging spectacles of pure beauty: the boundless Sahara desert, the fertile Nile Valley, the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean and the coral reefs of the Red Sea, the masterpieces of Egyptian antiquity, and the remarkable ingenuity of modern man. Stunning photographs, including a sequence of images taken from NASA satellites, accompanied by rich text, describe the myriad facets of a marvellous, colorful, and surprising land. These astonishing photographs truly illustrate the ancients’ name for Egypt, ‘’’the Red and the Black Land’’: the red of the burning desert expanses contrasted against the black of the dark silt transported by the Nile. The breathtaking images reproduced in this book trace an unusual aerial itinerary across a country of millennial appeal, rendered all the more seductive by the clarity of the light and the dizzying perspectives captured by a master photographer. This extraordinary bird’s-eye overview embraces the complexity, the geometry, and the sharp colors of the land of the pharaohs. Marcello Bertinetti began his professional career as a photographer and journalist in 1978 specializing in stories on peoples and countries. Since then he has worked with the leading Italian and international magazines and photographic agencies. Maria Sole Croce studied Egyptology at Turin University and Oriental Studies at Zurich University. She currently works at the Egyptian Museum in Turin.