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Ancient Civilizations World Heritage Sites

350 LE

Short Description:
Authors : Marco Cattaneo and Jasmina Trifoni
  • Publisher: American University Press Cairo
  • Pages: 400
  • Hard Cover: True
  • ISBN: 9788854001756
  • Publishing Date: 2004

In 1972, UNESCO adopted the convention for the protection of the worlds’ cultural and natural heritage to which more than 150 countries have become signatories. This series celebrates the success of the endeavor by bringing together the 300 most interesting sites in three volumes based respectively on architecture, nature, and archaeology. This third volume describes 100 archaeological parks from among the 188 in the World Heritage List, distributed among 66 countries on the five continents. In choosing the 100 represented, the book seeks to offer the most complete picture possible of mankind’s ancient civilizations, without neglecting those places where the first figurative art came into existence, and which throw important light on Man’s evolution. An objective assessment of the legacy inherited over the centuries from a few particularly influential cultures has inevitably led to emphasis being placed on Ancient egypt, the Greeek and Roman worlds, and—across the Atlantic—the great pre-Columbian cultures. Magnificent photographs by some of the world’s best photographers and maps localizing the sites accompany the scientifically up-to-date and thorough text. A detailed alphabetical index at the end of teh book provides rapid access to names and places. Marco Cattaneo is a professional journalist and the author of the book Heisenberg and the Quantum Revolution (2000). An enthusiastic traveler and photographer, he has written for the Italian magazine Airone and currently works for Meridiani. Jasmin Trifoni is journalist in the field of tourism and is a member of the editorial staff of Meridiani as well as writing for a number of Italian publications.