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I loved you for your voice


Short Description:
Authors : Sélim Nassib
  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Pages: 255
  • Hard Cover: False
  • ISBN: 978-977-09-2631-1
  • Publishing Date: 2009

"In the East a day without Om Kalthoum would have no color." - Omar Sharif "The book is fascinating both for its sheer poetry and because its author knows how to magically re the colorful atmosphere of a bygone Cairo." - Babilonia Sélim Nassib's novel, based on the life of Om Kalthoum, the peasant girl whose enormous talent made her Egypt's most celebrated artist and brought her unprecedented fame from all corners of the Arab world, is as passionately told as the story it recounts was lived. The tale of this great twentieth-century singer is told by Ahmed Rami, the poet-librettist who furnished Kalthoum the words to her songs and who loved her in vain. I Loved You for Your Voice recounts an ardent and enduring love story: of one man's love for a woman, of that woman's love for her music and her country, and of an entire world's love for its idols. "This novel possesses the magic of an Arab legend." - L'Unità "A dazzling masterpiece." - Nigrizi