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120 L.E

Egypt’s Culture Wars

Politics and Practice A look at some of the raging debates in the arts in Egypt
Samia Mehrez
This groundbreaking work presents original research on cultural politics and battles in Egypt at the turn of the twenty-first century. It deconstructs the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, drawing on conceptual tools in cultural studies, translation studies, and gender studies to analyze debates...

120 L.E

For the Living and the Dead

The Funerary Laments of Upper Egypt, Ancient and Modern
Elizabeth Wickett
The funeral laments of Upper Egypt have an elaborate and ancient history stretching back more than 5,000 years. Even the chants of modern-day lamenters, echo the words of their ancestors. Yet this ancient tradition is now under threat from social and political change. The laments - known as idid in Arabic...

120 L.E

For Better, For Worse

The Marriage Crisis that made Modern Egypt
Hanan Kholoussy
For many Egyptians in the early twentieth century, the biggest national problem was not British domination or the Great Depression but a marriage crisis heralded in the press as a devastating rise in the number of middle-class men refraining from marriage. Voicing anxieties over a presumed increase in...

75 L.E

Egyptian Customs and Festivals

Samia Abdennour
How do Egyptian Muslims celebrate Ramadan? How do Copts—Egyptian Christians—celebrate Easter? What should you expect to find on the table when invited to eat in an Egyptian home? What do you say when an Egyptian colleague sneezes? Exactly what do Egyptians do with a mortar and pestle, a sieve, and a...

150 L.E

Wonders of Egypt

Foreword by Zahi Hawass For sale only in the Middle East
Giorgio Ferrero
Egypt is a country of a thousand facets and striking contrasts, which has now become one of the most popular international tourist destinations, thanks to the marvels of its archaeological treasures, the warm waters and sunny beaches of its Red Sea coast, and the “exotic” attractions of its souks and...

I loved you for your voice

Sélim Nassib
"In the East a day without Om Kalthoum would have no color." - Omar Sharif "The book is fascinating both for its sheer poetry and because its author knows how to magically re the colorful atmosphere of a bygone Cairo." - Babilonia Sélim Nassib's novel, based on the life of Om Kalthoum, the peasant...

Egypt After Mubarak

Liberalism, Islam, And Democracy In The Arab World
Bruce K. Rutherford
"Bruce Rutherford helps us make sense of the voices emerging in Egyptian politics and understand how they resonate. Neither denying Egyptian authoritarianism nor accepting its inevitability, Rutherford draws deeply on theoretical debates among scholars to elucidate politics in this vital--and surprisingly...

ماذا حدث للمصريين؟ تطور المجتمع المصري في نصف قرن 1945-1995

جلال أمين
أشهر كتاب لمفكر الكبير الدكتور جلال أمين يحلل فيه بطريقته السهلة العميقة ما حدث من تغيرات في حياة المصريين وطريقتهم خلال النصف قرن الماضي وذلك بأسلوب ساخر جذاب. فيتناول مثلا الطبقة الوسطى والتعصب الديني والمرأة والأسياد والخدم والهجرة واللغة العربية والسيارات الخاصة وأفراح الأنجال والتصييف والأغاني والأفلام...

50 L.E

Bedouin Life in the Egyptian Wilderness

Joseph J. Hobbs
Joseph Hobbs lived with the Khushmaan Ma'aza clan for nearly two years in Egypt's Eastern Desert. His work includes a wealth of ethnographic detail about Bedouin beliefs, values, and lifeways. He shows how the Ma'aza have evolved from being abusers to being preservers of the natural environment, and...

120 L.E

Ghost Riders of Upper Egypt A Study of Spirit Possession

A classic anthropological case study from the 1930s, translated into English for the first time
Hans Alexander Winkler Translated and introduced by Nicholas S. Hopkins
In 1933 the German anthropologist Hans Alexander Winkler came across a ‘spirit medium’ named ‘Abd al-Radi in a village near Luxor in Upper Egypt. ‘Abd al-Radi was periodically possessed by the ghost of his uncle, and in that state passed messages to those who came to seek help. In an intense study, Winkler...

120 L.E

Global Dreams Class, Gender, and Public Space in Cosmopolitan Cairo

A look at the new face of Cairo after economic liberalization
Anouk de Koning
At the start of the twenty-first century, Cairo’s cityscape has acquired a spectacular global touch. Its luxurious five-star hotels, high-rise office buildings, immaculately clean malls, and swanky coffee shops serving café latte and caesar salad, along with the budding gated communities in the city’s...

80 L.E

Women, Reproduction, and Health in Rural Egypt

Hind Khattab and Nabil Younis and Huda Zurayk
The research body on which this volume is based has been internationally recognized as a pioneering example of interdisciplinary collaboration. Utilizing innovative field methods that combine the best of clinical medicine, epidemiology, and anthropology, the study examines the reproductive health of...

80 L.E

Upper Egypt Identity and Change

A new set of studies of Upper Egypt’s social dynamics
Edited by Nicholas S. Hopkins and Reem Saad
Upper Egypt (the Sa’id) is often portrayed as a source of disruption and unpredictability in the broader Egyptian system. Upper Egypt: Identity and Change corrects that image by laying out the order in the meaningful life of Upper Egyptians. That order is based on a strong sense of regional identity...

90 L.E

The Pedagogy of Empowerment Community Schools as a Social Movement in Egypt

Malak Zaalouk
This new study weaves anthropological detail with hard facts and analysis as it takes the reader to visit the community schools of Upper Egypt. It offers a historical understanding of the initiative whilst carefully embedding it in the political and economic global context of the late twentieth century....

75 L.E

The Liberation of Women and The New Woman Two Documents in the History of Egyptian Feminism

Qasim Amin Translated by Samiha Sidhom Peterson
Qasim Amin (1863–1908), an Egyptian lawyer, is best known for his advocacy of women’s emancipation in Egypt, through a number of works including The Liberation of Women and The New Woman. In the first of these important books in 1899, he started from the premise that the liberation of women was an essential...
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