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The Splendor of Gold The Goldsmith’s Art from Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century

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Short Description:
Authors : Gianni Guadalupi
  • Publisher: American University Press Cairo
  • Pages: 336
  • Hard Cover: True
  • ISBN: 9789774245398
  • Publishing Date: 1999

Gold, the color of the rising sun, and in the eyes of many only a little less brilliant, has remained, like the fiery orb above the horizon, beyond the reach of most humans throughout the centuries. The symbol of divinity and authority, gold in its many created forms has been the metal associated with kings and emperors and popes, with the very wealthy and the few. From ancient times, the most gifted goldsmiths and jewelers served in the royal courts, shaping this ductile and malleable metal as well as other precious metals and gemstones into crowns and jewels and other works of art that tickled the vanity and ostentatious taste of monarchs. The Splendor of Gold captures, in 580 sumptuous color photographs, the greatest achievements of goldsmiths and others who utilized precious metals and gemstones in the creation of objects of artistic perfection. From the time of the pharaohs and Mycenae to the Etruscans and their exquisite jewelry, from the lavishness of the Renaissance to the imperial treasures of Britain and Vienna and the Maharajas, the illustrations and the accompanying text trace the evolution of art and of the history of kingdoms that rose and fell and left behind objects of exceptional beauty. As well, the book recognizes the devotion of the faithful in treasures venerated in the cathedrals and mosques and houses of worship of other religions. Twenty-one archaeologists, art historians, museum curators, and other distinguished authorities have contributed chapters to this book.