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350 L.E

The Treasures of the Valley of the Kings

Tombs and Temples of the Theban West Bank in Luxor Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish,czeck
Edited by Kent R. Weeks Photographs by Araldo De Luca Introduced by H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak
Through extensive illustrations, archaeological reconstructions, and up-to-date texts, this companion volume to The Treasures of the Egyptian Museum presents an in-depth consideration of the entire complex of funerary monuments on the west bank of Thebes, opposite the modern city of Luxor. Against the...

300 L.E

The Churches of Egypt From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day

Gawdat Gabra and Gertrud J.M. van Loon Edited by Carolyn Ludwig Photographs by Sherif Sonbol
With over 300 full-color photographs, this is the first fully illustrated book devoted to Christian houses of worship in Egypt. The text incorporates the latest research to complement the broad geographic scope covering nearly all significant Coptic sites throughout the country, from the ancient Coptic...

300 L.E

The Splendor of Gold The Goldsmith’s Art from Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century

Gianni Guadalupi
Gold, the color of the rising sun, and in the eyes of many only a little less brilliant, has remained, like the fiery orb above the horizon, beyond the reach of most humans throughout the centuries. The symbol of divinity and authority, gold in its many created forms has been the metal associated with...

180 L.E

Twilight Visions in Egypt’s Nile Delta

Ann Parker Text by Muhammed Afifi Matar
In this beautiful art book, award-winning American photographer Ann Parker records and celebrates life as it passes along a road through a typical village in the Egyptian Nile Delta in the early twenty-first century. But her photographs are not mere documents of a specific time and place; they transcend...

250 L.E

The World of Islamic Art

Bernard O’Kane
The World of Islamic Art presents a vivid portrait of the cultural heritage of Islam and its great artistic traditions, across an enormous span of geography and time. Having originated in the remote deserts of the Arabian peninsula, Islam grew so quickly that within a century it had dominated North Africa...

300 L.E

The Treasures of the Monastery of Saint Catherine

Also Available in French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish. Greek
Text by Corinna Rossi Photographs by Araldo De Luca With a foreword by Archbishop Damianos of Sinai
The origins of the Monastery of Saint Catherine at the foot of Mount Sinai date to A.D. 324, when a community of monks requested Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, to build a chapel on the spot where they believed the Burning Bush had stood. Two centuries later, Emperor Justinian had the building...

300 L.E

The Treasures of Islamic Art in the Museums of Cairo

Edited by Bernard O’Kane
Cairo’s museums are home to some of the richest collections of Islamic art in the world. Long the seat of great dynasties, whose rulers and descendants both amassed and patronized works of art, Cairo’s status as one of the wealthiest and most populous cities of the medieval world is reflected in the...

300 L.E

The Treasures of Coptic Art in the Coptic Museum and Churches of Old Cairo

Gawdat Gabra and Marianne Eaton-Krauss
Egypt’s Coptic Church is one of the oldest in the world, with a cultural tradition dating back two millennia, during which time churches have been built and a variety of distinctive art forms have flourished. The world’s largest and most exquisite collection of Coptic artifacts is now housed in the Coptic...

200 L.E

The Last Hammams of Cairo A Disappearing Bathhouse Culture

An evocative photographic documentation of Cairo’s few remaining public bathhouses
Photographs by Pascal Meunier Text by May Telmissany and Eve Gandossi
In the twelfth century, Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi affirmed that the Egyptian baths were “the most beautiful in the East, the most practical, and the best located.” Nine centuries later, forgotten by the country’s restoration campaign, Cairo’s few remaining steam baths are drowning in general indifference....

90 L.E

The Cairo Heritage Essays in Honor of Laila Ali Ibrahim

Edited by Doris Behrens-Abouseif
In this study, Doris Behrens-Abouseif brings together contributions from a highly distinguished group of scholars of Islamic history, Islamic art and architecture, and heritage preservation, to honor the great Egyptian scholar of Islamic art and architecture Laila Ali Ibrahim. The twenty essays in this...

75 L.E

The Building Crafts of Cairo A Living Tradition

Agnieszka Dobrowolska
Thanks in large part to nineteenth-century texts such as Edward William Lane’s Description of Egypt and the Description de l’Egypte compiled by Napoleon’s savants, contemporary researchers have a remarkable understanding of the ways in which ordinary Egyptians practiced their crafts and trades in earlier...

250 L.E

The Art and Architecture of Islamic Cairo

Richard Yeomans
Most travelers to Egypt are entranced by the material culture and history of the pharaohs, while the country’s Islamic culture is largely ignored. But Egypt possesses a magnificent art and architectural heritage that has lasted more than thirteen hundred years, beginning with the building of the Mosque...

30 L.E

Photographing Egypt Forty Years behind the Lens

John Feeney
John Feeney arrived in Egypt in 1963 to make a documentary film, intending to stay for one year and staying forty. Photographing Egypt brings together some of his now rare color photographs of Egypt, taken over the past forty years and displayed in a major retrospective exhibition of his work in March...

120 L.E

Paris along the Nile Architecture in Cairo from the Belle Epoque

Cynthia Myntti
Cairo, ‘Mother of the World’: its vividly diverse neighborhoods and building styles reveal its cosmopolitan energy and reflect the myriad of economic, political, and cultural forces that have shaped the city over the centuries. So impressed was Khedive Ismail after a visit to Haussman’s ‘new’ Paris in...

200 L.E

Modern Egyptian Art 1910–2003

Liliane Karnouk
From the early years of the twentieth century, with the rejection of European political and cultural domination in Europe, modern artistic expression in Egypt was influenced by and often reflected the country’s growing national consciousness. In the years following the 1952 revolution, wealthy patrons...
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