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75 L.E


Historical and Archaeological Guide
Yousrya Abdel-Aziz Hosni
Fully illustrated in color, this book gives an overview of all the historical sites in and around Alexandria, from the earliest Ptolemaic remains submerged under the sea, through the Greco- Roman catacombs, to the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic landmarks of the city. All the city’s museums are also covered

200 L.E

Ancient Egyptian Art

A Visual Encyclopedia
Alice Cartoc
From the earliest clay figures and ivory combs of Predynastic times, through the masterful statuary of the Old Kingdom and the exquisite tomb paintings of the New Kingdom, to the astonishingly modern painted portraits of the Greco-Roman era, the artistic achievements of Egypt span over four thousand...

200 L.E

Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt

from the British Museum
Nigel Strudwick
The British Museum’s ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collection is one of the most comprehensive and magnificent in the world. Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt is the first illustrated guide to the highlights of this wonderful collection. It features over 200 of the most stunning and important Egyptian and...

75 L.E

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Art and Archaeology also available in French, German, Italian, Russian,
Alessandro Bongioanni
While all of Egypt holds archaeological riches of immeasurable importance, the priceless evidence of one the longest-lasting and most outstanding civilizations in human history, the archaeological district formed by Luxor and the Valley of the Kings is still today a historical and artistic treasure chest...

180 L.E

Journey through an Ancient Land

Egypt of the Pharaohs For sale only in Egypt
Brian Fagan
The lavishly illustrated pages of this beautiful volume capture the world of the mighty pharaohs, great pyramids, and magnificent temples, as well as showing the charm and beauty of contemporary Egypt. Through an authoritative and fascinating text, the reader is taken on an unforgettable journey through...

180 L.E

The Golden King

The World of Tutankhamun
Zahi Hawass
Tutankhamun has fascinated the world ever since Howard Carter’s spectacular discovery of his treasure-filled tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. Egypt’s leading Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass, here tells the story of this golden king, a short-lived pharaoh who came to the throne of Egypt as a child and...

300 L.E

Egypt - The World of the Pharaohs

also available in French, German, Italian
Regine Schulz & Matthias Seidel
This beautifully produced and immensely informative book deals with Egypt from prehistoric times through the Greco-Roman era, and casts a revealing and refreshing light on ancient Egyptian history. The search for ancient wisdom, mystical experiences, and hidden treasure has led many who feel the fascination...

75 L.E

Abu Simbel, Aswan, and the Nubian Temples

Art and Archaeology also available in French, German, Italian, Russian
Marco Zecchi
In ancient times, Egypt’s influence extended over Nubia, a vast geographical area that starts south of Aswan and ends at the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile. Because of its strategic importance, the area of Nubia around Lake Nasser and Aswan is full of archaeological treasures and impressive...

75 L.E

Ancient and Modern Egypt

Isabella Brega
The great monuments of the age of the pharaohs, the slow, beneficent Nile, the desert’s shimmering horizons beneath a dazzling light, the small oases scattered along caravan routes formed by centuries of toil, Christian monasteries rich in gold and illuminated manuscripts, the contrasts of Cairo, the...

75 L.E

Ancient Egypt

Art and Archaeology
Giorgio Agnese
Ancient Egypt: Art and Archaeology covers the breadth and length of the treasures of ancient Egypt without overstretching your budget. Fully illustrated with excellent color photographs and historic prints, this book covers it all: a historical introduction and chronological listing of the pharaohs,...

200 L.E

Abydos Egypt’s First Pharaohs and the Cult of Osiris

An expert introduction to one of the most fascinating and enigmatic sites in southern Egypt
David O’Connor
As both the burial place of the first pharaohs and a cult center for the god Osiris, Abydos was of immense importance to the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years and continues to yield spectacular discoveries. However, no full analysis of the site has been written in the last thirty years. Here David...

Longman Basic Dictionary of American English

قاموس لونجمان لأساسيات اللغة النجليزية باللهجة الامريكية
Gives clear, understandable definitions of all the words students need at pre-intermediate level, with lots of examples, colour pictures and usage notes. Over 10,000 words and phrases Fun cartoons make difficult concepts like ‘empty’ and ‘full’ easy to understand Workbook section shows how to...

100 L.E

Pyramids Road An Egyptian Journey

Midhat Gazalé
This thoughtful, poignant, personal memoir begins in the Cairo of the 1930s, with the author’s schooldays at the Lycée Français, and moves on to paint a rich social and ethnic picture against a backdrop of momentous events: the accession of King Farouk, the Second World War, the Revolution of 1952, the...

120 L.E

The Last Khedive of Egypt The Memoirs of Abbas Hilmi II

Abbas Hilmi Translated and edited by Amira Sonbol
The reign of Abbas Hilmi II has long been neglected by historians. Lord Cromer, the ruling British Consul-General and Agent in Egypt from 1883 to 1907, published what has been seen as the authoritative book on the Egyptian sovereign, but typically, this painted an imperialist picture. Similarly, Egyptian...

90 L.E

The Black Death in Egypt and England A Comparative Study

Stuart J. Borsch
Throughout the fourteenth century AD, waves of plague swept out of central Asia and decimated populations from China to Iceland. So devastating was the Black Death across the Old World that some historians have compared its effects to those of a nuclear holocaust. As countries began to recover from the...
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