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RSPB Pocket Birds

New edition of this pocket-sized guide to birds from the experts at the RSPB – Europe’s largest conservation organisation.
From the Sandwich Tern to the Short-toed Eagle, discover over 320 species of bird found in the UK and Europe. Close-up photographs and notes on distinguishing features will help you identify different species of bird in the field. Learn all about them from their calls and feeding behaviour to nesting...

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Athens

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Athens will lead you straight to the best attractions this region has to offer
Coral Davenport - Author, Jane Foster - Author
Whether you're looking for unmissable museums and ancient sites, alluring nearby islands, night-time hot-spots, shopping streets, liveliest festivals or want to find the best restaurants and tavernas in Athens; this guide is the perfect pocket-sized companion. Rely on dozens of Top 10 lists for all...

120 L.E

Egypt’s Culture Wars

Politics and Practice A look at some of the raging debates in the arts in Egypt
Samia Mehrez
This groundbreaking work presents original research on cultural politics and battles in Egypt at the turn of the twenty-first century. It deconstructs the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, drawing on conceptual tools in cultural studies, translation studies, and gender studies to analyze debates...

120 L.E

For the Living and the Dead

The Funerary Laments of Upper Egypt, Ancient and Modern
Elizabeth Wickett
The funeral laments of Upper Egypt have an elaborate and ancient history stretching back more than 5,000 years. Even the chants of modern-day lamenters, echo the words of their ancestors. Yet this ancient tradition is now under threat from social and political change. The laments - known as idid in Arabic...

120 L.E

For Better, For Worse

The Marriage Crisis that made Modern Egypt
Hanan Kholoussy
For many Egyptians in the early twentieth century, the biggest national problem was not British domination or the Great Depression but a marriage crisis heralded in the press as a devastating rise in the number of middle-class men refraining from marriage. Voicing anxieties over a presumed increase in...

75 L.E


Historical and Archaeological Guide
Yousrya Abdel-Aziz Hosni
Fully illustrated in color, this book gives an overview of all the historical sites in and around Alexandria, from the earliest Ptolemaic remains submerged under the sea, through the Greco- Roman catacombs, to the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic landmarks of the city. All the city’s museums are also covered

75 L.E

Egyptian Customs and Festivals

Samia Abdennour
How do Egyptian Muslims celebrate Ramadan? How do Copts—Egyptian Christians—celebrate Easter? What should you expect to find on the table when invited to eat in an Egyptian home? What do you say when an Egyptian colleague sneezes? Exactly what do Egyptians do with a mortar and pestle, a sieve, and a...

150 L.E

Wonders of Egypt

Foreword by Zahi Hawass For sale only in the Middle East
Giorgio Ferrero
Egypt is a country of a thousand facets and striking contrasts, which has now become one of the most popular international tourist destinations, thanks to the marvels of its archaeological treasures, the warm waters and sunny beaches of its Red Sea coast, and the “exotic” attractions of its souks and...

I loved you for your voice

Sélim Nassib
"In the East a day without Om Kalthoum would have no color." - Omar Sharif "The book is fascinating both for its sheer poetry and because its author knows how to magically re the colorful atmosphere of a bygone Cairo." - Babilonia Sélim Nassib's novel, based on the life of Om Kalthoum, the peasant...

200 L.E

Ancient Egyptian Art

A Visual Encyclopedia
Alice Cartoc
From the earliest clay figures and ivory combs of Predynastic times, through the masterful statuary of the Old Kingdom and the exquisite tomb paintings of the New Kingdom, to the astonishingly modern painted portraits of the Greco-Roman era, the artistic achievements of Egypt span over four thousand...

200 L.E

Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt

from the British Museum
Nigel Strudwick
The British Museum’s ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collection is one of the most comprehensive and magnificent in the world. Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt is the first illustrated guide to the highlights of this wonderful collection. It features over 200 of the most stunning and important Egyptian and...

75 L.E

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Art and Archaeology also available in French, German, Italian, Russian,
Alessandro Bongioanni
While all of Egypt holds archaeological riches of immeasurable importance, the priceless evidence of one the longest-lasting and most outstanding civilizations in human history, the archaeological district formed by Luxor and the Valley of the Kings is still today a historical and artistic treasure chest...

180 L.E

Journey through an Ancient Land

Egypt of the Pharaohs For sale only in Egypt
Brian Fagan
The lavishly illustrated pages of this beautiful volume capture the world of the mighty pharaohs, great pyramids, and magnificent temples, as well as showing the charm and beauty of contemporary Egypt. Through an authoritative and fascinating text, the reader is taken on an unforgettable journey through...

180 L.E

The Golden King

The World of Tutankhamun
Zahi Hawass
Tutankhamun has fascinated the world ever since Howard Carter’s spectacular discovery of his treasure-filled tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. Egypt’s leading Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass, here tells the story of this golden king, a short-lived pharaoh who came to the throne of Egypt as a child and...

300 L.E

Egypt - The World of the Pharaohs

also available in French, German, Italian
Regine Schulz & Matthias Seidel
This beautifully produced and immensely informative book deals with Egypt from prehistoric times through the Greco-Roman era, and casts a revealing and refreshing light on ancient Egyptian history. The search for ancient wisdom, mystical experiences, and hidden treasure has led many who feel the fascination...
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