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Coral Reef Guide Red Sea

Also Available in Italian,German,French,Russian,Dutch and Spanish
Helmut Debelius
laminated hardcover

What Lives in the Mediterranean? An Identification Book for Divers and Snorkelers

Bernd Humberg
The definitive book - updated and expanded Now with species migrated from the Red Sea This field guide is identification aid and reference book all in one. Including the species migrated from the Red Sea, it offers an exhaustive compilation of common, well-known and special species and makes...

Nacktschnecken der Weltmeere

Helmut Debelius Rudie H. Kuiter
360 pages 2,500 illustrations laminated hardcover

Haie & Rochen weltweit

Ralf M. Hennemann
23.9 x 15.8 cm (LxW)

Fischführer Mittelmeer und Atlantik

Helmut Debelius
800 illustrations laminated hardcover

Adventure Coral Reef

655 illustrations laminated hardcover
Dr. Hans Maier-Bode
First practice-oriented manual for divers to successfully observe animals on the reef Equally useful for preparing the dive and for better understanding after the dive Camouflage, trickery, catching prey, all secure the survival of animals on the reef. Hans Maier-Bode guides the diver through different...

The Kosmos Handbook Dangerous Marine Animals

Matthias Bergbauer Robert Myers Manuela Kirschner
400 poisonous and dangerous fish and lower animals Unequivocal identification, first aid after an accident, important tips for further treatment Stepped on a sea urchin? Stung by a jellyfish? Brushed up against a poisonous fish? What do you do now and what should you not do under any circumstances?...

Marine Encyclopedia of Saltwaterfish

Rudie Kuiter Helmut Debelius
Unique: a fish encyclopaedia of this size Brilliant: more then 7,000 excellent colour photos For the first time, this marine encyclopaedia of saltwater fish presents the fascinating world of coral and coastal fish as well as many of the large fish. The sheer abundance of unique colour photos documenting...

What lives in the tropical seas An identification book for divers and snorkelers

Matthias Bergbauer Manuela Kirschner
Nowhere is the diversity of species and abundance of animal and plant forms as great as in the tropical seas' coral reefs. With this handy and clear guide, every diver can confidently identify the most important animals he encounters. More than 300 animals are introduced in exceptional photos, clear...

200 L.E

Coral Reef Guide Red Sea

148x210mm Also Available in German,Russian
Robert Myers, Ewald Lieske
e definitive guide to the underwater life of the Red Sea region, home to the richest and most varied dive sites in the world. Visited by over a quarter of a million divers a year the Red Sea is home to many of the world's most popular dive sites. Covering jellyfish, corals, nudibranchs, starfish,...

80 L.E

The Great Shipwrecks of the Red Sea Thistlegorm & Rosalie Moller

Also Available in Italian,German,French,Russian
Alberto Siliotti
26.00 x 22.00 cm

60 L.E

Fishes of the Red Sea

Also Available in Italian,German,French,Russian
Alberto Siliotti
16.00 x 11.50 cm

180 L.E

Wrecks The World’s Best Dives

Also Available in Italian,German,French,Russian
Edited by Egidio Trainito
49 b/w,49 color illustrations,49 maps

150 L.E

Underwater Paradises

The Red Sea, The Maldives, Malaysia, The Caribbean Also available in German, Italian, French, Russian
Angelo Mojetta and Andrea Ferrari and Antonella Ferrari
15.00 x 29.00 cm

180 L.E

The Sea

Also Available in Italian,German,French,Russian
Text by Gaetano Cafiero
14.00 x 16.00 cm cube book The entire planet in a cube
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