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Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary" E-A"


Short Description:
Authors :
  • Publisher: Committee
  • Pages: 1600
  • Hard Cover: True
  • ISBN: 977-6075-03-7
  • Publishing Date:

· Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary contains 1573 pages supported with colored illustrations. Each page has three columns of words which makes Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary one of the biggest Arabian and global dictionaries among. · Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary is an unprecedented encyclopedic dictionary that gives a hand to the user taking him to more than the meaning of the word; it's the book that can give the answer to the questions that demand the user to search in so many English and American books and dictionaries; whether monolingual, bilingual or dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, specialized dictionaries and others. · Characteristics of this dictionary: Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary contains more than 69 specialties providing the user with the knowledge he needs thanks to the specialties the dictionary includes. Among these are: · The word and its meaning · How to pronounce the word · The type of the word · The origin of the word · The conjugations of verbs · The irregular plurals of nouns · Comparative and superlative adjectives · The correct way of writing · The derivatives of words · Synonyms · Antonyms · Explanatory examples for phrasal verbs and idioms · Order of the most commonly used words · English grammar · Punctuation · Conjugation of irregular verbs · International abbreviations · Maxims and proverbs · Flags of different countries Therefore, when you are going to use Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary, you are going to have all the branches of English language before you.