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Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary" E-A"

· Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary contains 1573 pages supported with colored illustrations. Each page has three columns of words which makes Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary one of the biggest Arabian and global dictionaries among. · Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary is an unprecedented encyclopedic...

قاموس الامثال والحكم اللاتينية

لاتينى – انجليزي – عربى
اذا كان مر السنين قد ابلى المبادئ العلمية القديمة وابطل جدواها العلمية فلا ريب أن الحكم الاخلاقية التى تلقيناها عن جهابذة المعايير الانسانية واساطين العدالة لم تحتفظ بسحرها وقوتها فحسب بل زادها مر السنين قوة وسحرا وفعل بها ما يفعلة بالتراث وما زالت هذه الحكم والاقوال اشبة شئ بالحلي النفسية يستعيرها من...

An-Nafees The 21st century English-Arabic Dictionary

With the pronunciation of the English Entries Using Phonetic Alphabet.
Wahba, Magdi
Using Phonetic of the biggest and best absoulutly in this field.

A Comprehensive Dictionary of American slang English - Arabic

This Comrehensive Dictionary of American Slang is an extensive collection that are currently and frequently used by most Americans.

Mini Pocket Dictionary English-Arabic

Edition | Second edition *Cover Type | Soft Cover *Number of Pages | 360 *Publication Year | 1996

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary for Arabic speakers of English (NEW EDITION)

قاموس اوكسفرد انجليزى - عربى مع CD
This popular English dictionary, with its simple English definitions and Arabic translations of all headwords, derivatives, idioms and phrasal verbs, now comes with a CD-ROM containing the whole text of the dictionary. You can hear the pronunciation of the headwords in British or American English, and...

Word by Word Picture Dictionary English/Arabic Edition

قاموس لونجمان المصور كلمة كلمة للاطفال انجليزى عربى-
Bill Bliss, Steven J. Molinsky
developes the visual memory of the Child in a sure way to help the child to learn the words by heart through playing.