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Abjad Letters Workbook

64 pages, A4 size + 4 sheets of A4 stickers This A4- sized workbook introduces children to the world of letters using enjoyable games and exercises. This workbook teaches how to write the letters using dotted lines with arrows placed in the letters. What is especially enjoyable is finding each of the...

The Animals Colouring Book

32 pages, A4 size.This book is black and white A4 sized version of the smaller Abjad Animals book. Its internal pages contain large black and white outlines of the animals and the animal words for children to colour in. Children's use this book to re-in force reading and writing skills through the enjoyable...

The Hamza and the Vowels Book

64 pages, A4 size. As with all Abjad books, this book interacts with the Abjad plastic letters and introduces children to the "hamza" and "harakat". Each page of this book represents a letter and three beautiful illustrations of words beginning with that letter in conjunction with "fatha", "kasra", and...

The Addition Book

32 pages, A5 size.This book makes addition so easy; now your child can “see” how addition works ! For example, 2 + 3 = 5 is represented algebraically, using the colourful Abjad numerals - below each numeral are 2, 3 and 5 hoopoes respectively. The cluster of 5 hoopoes is the same shape as the cluster...

The Numbers Book

16 pages, A5 size.This sturdy hard back, with durable laminated pages, and 0-wire binding is sure to become another favorite. A colourful and enjoyable way to introduce children to the Arabic numerals from 1 to 10, using the abjad animal illustrations.

The Animals Book

32 pages, A5 size. The beautifully illustrated “Abjad Animals” book introduces children to complete words; it is the perfect sequel to the “Abjad Alphabet” book which introduces the letters. Each page represents an animal, the animal word in Arabic, and the Arabic letter with which the word begins. Like...

Prince of the Letters Picture Book

48 pages, A4 size.This beautifully illustrated picture book “explains” how to use the Abjad letters. It describes the alphabet kingdom and their great adventure in search of "hands" for the letters without hands, and "tails" for all the letters. See how letters with “hands” hold each other to make words,...

Harakat Pieces

14 pcs Harakat Pieces introduce "Hamza" and "Vowels.” (Fatha , Kasra Damma, Shaddaa) with magnetic white board.
These 14 Magnetized plastic pieces represent Tha Hamza and the vowels ,Designed to interact with the "Hamza &vowels " book and the "words" Book, these pieces are the perfect accompaniments to The Plastic Abjad Letter Pieces . Magnetic white board included

Giant Wooden Magnetic Letter Set

53 pieces with Storage Box incorporating Whiteboard Display (76cm x 51cm). [ Only made by order ]
53 pieces with Storage Box incorporating Whiteboard Display (76cm x 51cm).Surely the finest wooden letter set available for sale in any language ! The wooden letters are made from laser-cut plywood sub-components, painted with non-toxic paints, fitted with super-strong miniature magnets and integral...

Standard Magnetic Letter Set

53 pieces with Large Abjad Board (A3 size)
53 pieces with Large Abjad Board (A3 size).These high quality plastic letters make REAL Arabic words, thanks to the unique Abjad transforming and connecting system ! There are enough duplicate pieces to write almost any Arabic word! With their strong magnets, letters snap to the Abjad board - the ideal...

Webster`s School Thesaurus

Especially made foe the English Language students. 43000 meaning, opposits, phrases.

York Primary English Dictionary

*Edition | Second edition *Cover Type | Soft Cover *Number of Pages | 96 *Publication Year | 2000

York Illustrated School Dictionary

Edition | Second edition *Cover Type | Soft Cover *Number of Pages | 256 *Publication Year | 2000

Illustrated Dictionary of Physics (With English-Arabic & Arabic-English glossaries)

Illustrated Dictionary of Physics (With English-Arabic & Arabic-English glossaries)

Mathematics Dictionary

لجنة الترجمة والتعريب الاردنية
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