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Kid's Box

Complete Beginner to Elementary
Kid's Box is bursting with bright ideas to inspire you and your pupils! This six-level course gives children a confident start to learning English, and makes lessons a joy for teachers. Perfect for general use, Kid’s Box also fully covers the syllabus of the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE)...

Cambridge Alphabet Book

The Cambridge Alphabet Book teaches English handwriting to young children. Helps children to write both the capital and small letters of the English alphabet.

Hippo and Friends

Complete Beginner
Claire Selby
Hippo and Friends is a three-level pre-school course for 3-5 year-olds. It uses a song and story-based approach to introduce language to children in a way that comes naturally at this age. Actions and activities further reinforce learning. The course is packed full of attractive illustrations which immediately...

The Rainbow Alphabet Numbers Book

This sturdy hard back, with durable laminated pages, and o-wire binding is sure to become another favourite. A colourful and enjoyable way to introduce children to their numbers from 1 to 10, drawing upon various Rainbow Alphabet illustrations. This last pages of this book provide dotted numbers...

Pop-Out Cards (Animals)

28 cards, A5 size (Letters not inluded).
28 cards, A5 size (Letters not inluded). Children love fitting shapes into holes, now they have 28 beautiful, plasticized animals and countless letter pieces to fit in the 28 cards. Hours of fun and games ! Use the cards as stencils to draw outlines of the animals, letters, and words. Use the Pop-out...

Giant Poster (Animals)

89.5cm x 47cm.
89.5cm x 47cm.The perfect ABC poster for a child’s bedroom or classroom, with brass re-enfocements for easy hanging. This is no ordinary poster ! Your child can trace over the words and animals on the front laminated surface using the “Write on - Wipe off” Abjad Pen and Eraser Mitten. The plain white...

Giant Jigsaw (Animals)

28 pieces, 89.5cm x 47cm completed size.
28 pieces, 89.5cm x 47cm completed size.Based on the beautiful Abjad animal illustrations, this 28-piece jigsaw has been arranged so that each piece of the jigsaw relates to one letter/animal. Since there are no small pieces to worry about, you can introduce your child to the Abjad teaching system as...

Words Book

32 A5 Pages
This beautifully illustrated "Words" book introduces 28 words using a picture for each letter of the alphabet. As with the "Hamza & Vowels " book this book also can be used interactively with the plastic Abjad letters and hamza & vowel pieces.

The Animals Colouring Book

32 pages, A4 size.This book is black and white A4 sized version of the smaller Abjad Animals book. Its internal pages contain large black and white outlines of the animals and the animal words for children to colour in. Children's use this book to re-in force reading and writing skills through the enjoyable...

The Numbers Book

16 pages, A5 size.This sturdy hard back, with durable laminated pages, and 0-wire binding is sure to become another favorite. A colourful and enjoyable way to introduce children to the Arabic numerals from 1 to 10, using the abjad animal illustrations.

Harakat Pieces

14 pcs Harakat Pieces introduce "Hamza" and "Vowels.” (Fatha , Kasra Damma, Shaddaa) with magnetic white board.
These 14 Magnetized plastic pieces represent Tha Hamza and the vowels ,Designed to interact with the "Hamza &vowels " book and the "words" Book, these pieces are the perfect accompaniments to The Plastic Abjad Letter Pieces . Magnetic white board included

Giant Wooden Magnetic Letter Set

53 pieces with Storage Box incorporating Whiteboard Display (76cm x 51cm). [ Only made by order ]
53 pieces with Storage Box incorporating Whiteboard Display (76cm x 51cm).Surely the finest wooden letter set available for sale in any language ! The wooden letters are made from laser-cut plywood sub-components, painted with non-toxic paints, fitted with super-strong miniature magnets and integral...

Standard Magnetic Letter Set

53 pieces with Large Abjad Board (A3 size)
53 pieces with Large Abjad Board (A3 size).These high quality plastic letters make REAL Arabic words, thanks to the unique Abjad transforming and connecting system ! There are enough duplicate pieces to write almost any Arabic word! With their strong magnets, letters snap to the Abjad board - the ideal...

The Merry Christmas Activity Book

Count down to a magical Christmas and do something new every day!
Whether you want to know how to make your own special Christmas cards or make fun gifts for your family and pets, activity expert Jane Bull will show you how to make everything festive. This is your step-by-step guide to turning your home into a winter wonderland. Have fun creating festive food Design...

Let's Make Music

Join in the fun with other children as they blow their whistle at carnival or bang their drum to the beat!
Help encourage your child's love of music by reading along as children play their favourite musical instruments. From mouth organs to whistles, every child can enjoy learning how to play music. Short sentences, simple vocabulary and large type help build a young reader’s confidence Picture word...
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