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الأربعين النووية ( إسبانى )

الإمام أبـو زكريـا يحيى بـن شـرف الـديـن النـووي ت : ( 676 هـ )
Cuarenta y dos tradiciones profeticas comprensivas y generales, cada pretendiente de la otra vida debe saberlas, porque abarcan todas las buenas obras y cosas necesarias. Los ulemas dicen que estas tradiciones representan el eje del Islam.

Diccionario Oxford Pocket para Estudiantes de Inglés (Español-Inglés / Inglés-Español)

قاموس اوكسفرد انجليزى - اسبانى
The third, fully updated edition of this highly successful dictionary includes full-colour vocabulary pages, a new grammar section, and a CD-ROM with full dictionary text, activities, and Genie technology. Key features ■Fully up-to-date coverage of the words Spanish school students need. ■Clear...

Oxford Wordpower: słownik angielsko-polski / polsko-angielski

قاموس اوكسفرد انجليزى - بولندى
Updated and expanded edition of this popular dictionary with bilingual CD-ROM. This edition has been enlarged to contain over 2,000 new English words, new study pages, and a 16-page full-colour supplement. The pack also contains a bilingual CD-ROM. Key features ■Semi-bilingual style (definitions...

Dictionnaire Oxford Poche pour apprendre l'anglais (français-anglais / anglais-français)

قاموس اوكسفرد انجليزى - فرنسى
Key features ■This is a pocket bilingual dictionary specially designed for French-speaking learners of English. ■It provides extensive coverage of up-to-date vocabulary in English and French. ■It includes features such as colour headwords for ease of use. ■Introductory pages contain practical...

Longman Diccionario Concise Cased and CD-ROM

قاموس لونجمان انجليزى - اسبانى
This brand-new, full-colour bilingual dictionary for intermediate-advanced learners in Spain helps students speak and write natural English. Inglés-Español, Español-Inglés This brand-new, full-colour bilingual dictionary for intermediate-advanced learners in Spain helps students speak and write...

Longman Slownik wspolczesny

قاموس لونجمان انجليزى - بولندى
Arleta Adamska-Salaciak, Ewelina Jagla, Jacek Fisiak, Mariusz Idzikowski, Michal Jankowski, Robert L …
A comprehensive bilingual dictionary with 56,000 words and phrases and 58,000 English examples that uses up-to-date language from English and Polish so students always use real, natural English. Easy-to-use CD-ROM allows students to access the dictionary on their computers and a pop-up mode lets them...

Longman Dizionario Compatto

قاموس لونجمان انجليزى - ايطالى
Full-colour dictionary written specially for Italian students based on the Longman corpus of contemporary Italian with complete CD-ROM – including 62,000 words, phrases and examples and 15,000 English examples, fully translated. Now with separate guide to using the dictionary. 62,000 words, phrases...

Word by Word Picture Dictionary English/Polish Edition

قاموس لونجمان المصور كلمة كلمة للاطفال انجليزى بولندى-
Bill Bliss, Steven J. Molinsky
developes the visual memory of the Child in a sure way to help the child to learn the words by heart through playing.
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