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Dizionario Italiano-Arabo

التليسى ؛ خليفة محمد
Italian Arabic

york english latin- latin english plus Grammar

The complete Latin dictionary and grammar-two books in one. It contains Over 60,000 references and 80,000 translations, Comprehensive treatment of the vocabulary of texts read in school and university, Full Latin grammar section, Detailed verb tables covering 120 regular verbs and over 300 irregular...

York Italian Dictionary

YORK ITALIAN DICTIONARY ITALIAN-ENGLISH ENGLISH-ITALIAN Includes neologisms, colloquial terms and idiomatic usage, it incorporates modern scientific, technical, political and industrial terms, its vocabulary covers both modern speech and classical, literary Italain, and it contains figurative expressions,...

Longman Dizionario Compatto

قاموس لونجمان انجليزى - ايطالى
Full-colour dictionary written specially for Italian students based on the Longman corpus of contemporary Italian with complete CD-ROM – including 62,000 words, phrases and examples and 15,000 English examples, fully translated. Now with separate guide to using the dictionary. 62,000 words, phrases...